Prati Roju Pandaage Review

By Naresh Kota Dec. 20, 2019, 12:33 pm IST
Prati Roju Pandaage Review

Prathi Roju Pandage Movie Review - Inordinate cocktail of comedy! 

Star Cast: Sai Dharam, Raashi Khanna, Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh, Vijayakumar, Naresh, Murali Sharma, Hari Teja, Satyam Rajesh and Bharath Reddy.


Music Composed by Thaman
Screenplay and Direction Maruthi
Written by Deva Dutta
Cinematography Jayakumar
Edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Produced by Bunny Vasu

Runtime: 146 minutes

Maruthi Dasari tries to work within the formula that he invented for himself - go for comedy in every scene. He exaggerated the formula of going for jokes in his previous movie - Sailaja Reddy Alludu. After a year, he came up with Prathi Roju Pandage film. The trailers of the film promised a fun film for Christmas Eve weekend and Sai Tej seemed to be highly confident in the film too.

The movie story revolves around an old man, Raghuramayya (Satyaraj) who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He prefers to die alone than calling his children as he feels disturbing their lives for his sake, would be too selfish. But doctors confirm that his life expectancy is too low after looking at his reports. People around him, ask him to deliver the news to his family members and spend his remaining days with them. His children start calculating expenses and leaves they have to take from work to give time to their father, who is almost on his death bed. But his grandson, Sai (Sai Tej) tries to make his last days, a happy memory. Did he succeed? Watch the movie at theatres to know.

Performances in the film are too artificial as the seasoned actors couldn't draw a character sketch to really deliver. We feel like they all were completely misused in roles that suited them as writing lets them down completely. Sai Tej and Raashi Khanna's roles don't get a proper sketch to perform. Rao Ramesh saves some scenes with his timing but rest all acted in a very uneven fashion as the director also seems to lack proper vision.

Commercial packaging of a film is good but this kind of package where the head and tails of a story go completely missing is really a harmful trend. A cinematographer can put up glossy frames and the music director can give some semi-catchy tunes. But the film needs structure and good writing. SS Thaman, Jayakumar did their best but Maruthi's writing lets everything down.

When you walk into a theatre, you try to escape from all the outside world pressures and involve in a story that seems like an exaggeration to everyday's life. We don't want to be stressed again with a story that doesn't make any sense or a film that lacks any clarity of thought. This movie is heights of silliness wrapped up in a candy bar, that is, comedy. Even the comedy lacks any punch after a point. In trying to tell the story as old as Amma Rajeenama, Kante Kurthune Kanali, and Lakshmi Nivasam, Maruthi lost the plot in the second scene, itself. In trying to keep things light, he falters and flattens the movie so much that we feel, the movie is trying too hard to entertain us and not really engage us. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy engaged us throughout the runtime and this one just lacks any conviction.

The design of the characters seems too childish and we wonder if a professional like Maruthi really wrote this script and that too for a year. Also, the movie doesn't really have any kind of heart stringing moments and to create villains for the sake of it, the characters were just designed as caricatures and they do anything and everything for the sake of comedy. Making a movie is not easy at all but Maruthi seems to feel, it is all about a few jokes and few fights. Even the person who is just starting to write the screenplay, can't really fall this flat on his face as Maruthi did in this film.

Bottom line: A comedy cocktail that lacks any plot or punch.

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