Palasa 1978 Review

By iDream Post Mar. 06, 2020, 01:07 am IST
Palasa 1978 Review


Films with regional backdrop are on the rise in Telugu cinema in the recent past. 'Rangasthalam' with Godavari dialect, 'Fidaa' with Banswada backdrop, 'C/o Kancharapalam' with Vizag nativity, etc. are the examples. Now, 'Palasa' has been made in the Srikakulam district backdrop. All these films have a common point, the beauty of the local dialects. When the period backdrop is added to it, the ambiance will surely grab the attention. Karuna Kumar directorial 'Palasa' is able to create expectations in a section of the audience. Even a couple of dialogues in the trailer struck a chord with the audience. The movie appears to be a fight between two caste groups similar to that of 'Rangasthalam'. Let us go through the review to know what's special in Palasa.


There is a zamindar (Janni) in 1978 in a village. He has a younger brother named Guru Murthy (Raghu Kunche). Both of them are village rulers. They belong to a caste in which people wear a sacred thread. They control the whole of village. They misuse the power and treat lower caste people badly. They beat them like animals thinking that it's their birthright. Both these brothers have internal issues. They are the villains of the movie.

Mohan Rao(Rakshit) belongs to the caste who wear anklets and dance before the god. He is a strong guy. He has an elder brother(Tiruveer). Mohan Rao likes a girl(Nakshatra) in the same village. Mohan Rao and Tiruveer are very close to each other and they are the heroes of our story. SI Sebastian(Rama Raju) played another key role in the film. How the villain brothers try to use these heroes and who gets killed in the process forms the rest of the story.

The Performances:

Rakshit delivered a good performance as Mohan Rao. He played his part naturally.

Tiruveer who acted earlier in George Reddy also did his part well.

Nakshatra appeared beautiful on the screen but there is not much scope to perform.

Janni who played the role of Zamindar played his role like an experienced actor.

Singer cum music director Raghu Kunche stole the show in the role of Guru Murthy. He appeared in two-three getups which run from 1978 to 2018. He can seriously focus on negative roles from now.

The actor who played the role of Sebastian is also impressive. If he has a base voice the role might have looked complete.

The makers have opted for insignificant actors for small roles. The doctor who comes to speak to Zamindar's son, SI who appears in the climax, the actor who played the role of Mutyalu are not so impressive. The makers might have chosen better actors those can carry intensity.

The movie appears to be realistic but the makers followed commercial format when it comes to action sequences. But the action sequences gelled with the story. Raghu Kunche's music is impressive. His music turned out to be one of the big assets.


Karuna Kumar is an award-winning short filmmaker and a talented director. The films made on Dalit backdrop are rare in Telugu They are quite common in Tamil. 'Dorasani' movie was made in the same backdrop but it could not impress the audience. 'Palasa' has Dalit backdrop but it impresses all sections of the audience. The movie appears to be inspired by 'Rangasthalam' but it is an independent story. All the characters in the story have significance. The hard work of the director in writing the story is visible.

Plus Points:

Background score

Minus Points:

Weak love track
Lack of entertainment which can attract the family audience

Final Word:

The audience who want to watch a film without boring screenplay, should watch this film. You may think that everyone wants to see such a film. But it is not easy for a director to make such a film with new faces and artistic backdrop.
The audience those want to feel the beauty of Srikakulam dialect can also watch this film.

The audience who don't like realistic films, who wants to watch only star hero films, who likes to laugh for logic free slapstick comedy can stay away from this movie.

Bottom Line:

Palasa - A must watch to appreciate it.

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