O Pitta Katha Review

By iDream Post Mar. 06, 2020, 05:15 pm IST
O Pitta Katha Review

These are difficult times for small films at the box office. 'O Pitta Katha' is also a small film released today with a low buzz. But still, it has competition at the box office.  Character artist Brahmaji's son Sanjay is debuting as a hero with this film.  'O Pitta Katha' team is able to grab the attention of the audience by bringing Megastar Chiranjeevi to the pre-release event.  Though it appears like a simple love story, the trailer gave enough hints that it has crime and suspense elements. Let us go through the review to find out whether O Pitta Katha impresses the audience or not.


Once upon a time there is a village near Kakinada. Venkata Lakshmi(Nitya Shetty) is an energetic girl. Prabhu(Sanjay Rao) is Venkata Lakshmi's childhood friend.  He works in a movie theater that is owned by Venkata Lakshmi's father.  Krish(Vishwant) comes from China for his uncle and falls in love with Venkata Lakshmi. While the love track is going on, someone kidnaps Venkata Lakshmi.  Inspector Ajay Kumar(Brahmaji) makes his entry to investigate the missing case.  What happened to Venkat Lakshmi? Does this kidnap has any connection with Prabhu or Krish? Is there any secret?  The rest of the story will reveal those answers.


Among the principal cast, Nitya Shetty has delivered notable performance.  Being a child artist who worked with stars like Chiranjeevi, she has ease in her acting. Her expressions are natural and her Telugu modulation is good.  Vishwant is okay.  There is specialty in his character but he got some scope to perform in the climax portions.

Sanjay Rao couldn't deliver the desired performance. He could not emote some expressions. Though there are limitations because of his character, he has to improve himself as an actor.  Brahmaji has done police characters n number of times, so it is a cakewalk for him. The artist in Prabhu's friend role is not impressive.


Love stories with a crime element are rare in Tollywood.  That too with a triangle love story is a novel idea. Director Chandoo must have penned the story thinking the same.  The makers have also advertised the same.  But the director failed in writing a story for two hours of screen time with a small twist.  Though the main point has a good twist, the unengaging screenplay spoils the show.  The story doesn't move forward till the pre-climax.  

The director tried to present the film in non-linear format but he faltered in the process.  The twists should be part of the story but they should not be the main thing to fill the story in between. The story material is enough for only an hour not for two.  The comedy tests the patience because the tracks penned by Chandu Muddu are completely outdated.
Fantasy films do not need logics but they are the lifeline to crime stories. Police officer coming to a conclusion about the killer with the help of a video is one of them.  It appears silly.  The director's talent is visible for some time in the last half an hour of the film.

Technical Team:

Praveen Lakkaraju delivered decent music for the film but the songs are not that good.  Sunil Kumar's cinematography is impressive.  Despite the limitations, he tried to give good output.  Venkat Prabhu's editing is pretty average.  Bhavya Creations have spent money in a careful manner. It reflects in the production values.

Plus Points:  

Nitya Shetty
Few twists in the pre-climax portion

Minus Points:

Sanjay Rao's acting
Slow-paced love tracks
Repeat flashbacks

Final Word:

It not a great story as promoted by the makers but is a small story as the title suggests.  The storyline is new but it has become unbearable with the forced love tracks.  Handling crime stories is not everybody's cup of tea, the director faltered with the same.  The audience who are game for a few thrills, who doesn't care the presentation can opt for the film, provided they have the patience to sit through two hours.

Bottom Line:

O Pitta Katha - A boring twists galore.  

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