Mathu Vadalara Review

By Naresh Kota Dec. 25, 2019, 08:56 am IST
Mathu Vadalara Review

Mathu Vadalara Movie Review - Too Drugged!

Cast: Sri Simha, Naresh Agastya, Satya, Atulya Chandra, Vidyulleka Raman, Vennela Kishore, Pavala Syamala

Cinematography by Suresh Sarangam
Edited by Karthika Srinivas
Music by Kaala Bhairava
Written & Directed by Ritesh Rana
Produced by Chiranjeevi, Hemalatha
Presented by Mythri Movie Makers

Runtime: 131 minutes

MM Keeravani established himself as a legendary composer in Telugu Cinema. The second generation from his family, his sons - Sri Simha and Kaala Bhairava are debuting with this film as actor & composer, respectively. Even SS Rajamouli gave rest to his RRR shooting to watch the film on the release date. The movie released on 25th December and here is our take on it.

The story opens with Babu (Sri Simha), a delivery executive, not really happy with his life or job. He needs money but he doesn't know how to cheat. His friend, Yesu (Satya) shows him that wealthy costumers don't really care about it and they can easily escape with 500/- or 1000/- theft from COD orders. Babu tries to do so but he gets caught as an old woman (Pavala Syamala) doesn't fall prey to his trickery. He tries to call his friends, Yesu and Abhi (Naresh) but he wakes up in someone else's flat, with a dead body. What happens next? Watch it on the big screen

Sri Simha tried a little bit too hard to convince us he can act and he unknowingly overacted. Satya did his best and got maximum laughs. Naresh, Vennela Kishore is good. Editing and Cinematography are strong points of the film. BGM by Kaala Bhairava is okay-ish. But the director with his writing went too far-fetched missing out on simple logic.

If a film can really appear as if it stumbled upon a script and then tried to figure a way out to make it, then will it seem to have a plan? If a film looks like it just couldn't find a way to deliver and land the suspense plot with engaging twists, what would you call it? While it tries to deliver new style humor but it comes as if it is trying too much in one bottle, what would you name it? This film is one such over a drugged experiment that it just doesn't stick to a tone. It keeps shifting from being a black comedy to a serious plot-driven thriller. It introduces a character in one way and then tries to reveal it a completely different way as if everyone is living a double life.

The theme of double life is good but it tries to push the drug narrative so much through a point of view and tries too absurd black comedy that audiences get confused about whether to take it as comedy or should they really care for characters. Ritesh Rana is good at staging a scene but he missed the entire logic behind the scenes. It might be taken from real incidents as he did reveal in the end, but a world cannot be completely dark with only one character being grey. Also, characters don't tend to stick to characteristics defined as they keep shifting from one side to another without a solid base.

Andhadhun gets the pacing and plot right. It gives you time to settle into the world and the slow-mo shots are minimized to keep it all real. Here, you tend to feel dizzy as the director tries to push the narrative of point of view angle too much without conviction. It is used just as a tool to tell a story rather than giving the characters any meaning. Almost it makes you feel like the director wanted to make a film with certain inspirations and made it just like that. If weird and absurd comedy is your cup of tea and you don't mind being taken too much for a ride, this movie can interest you. If not, skip it.

Bottom line: Aims for too much, accomplishes too little.

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