Madha Review

By iDream Post Mar. 13, 2020, 10:45 am IST
Madha Review

The survival of small films has become increasingly tough at present.  In such a situation, Madha received awards at the national level and support from the industry as well. A young lady director wielded the megaphone for a thriller and it has generated curiosity among the target section.  The teaser, trailer of 'Madha' have become a hot topic in the social media.  Let us see whether 'Madha' is able to meet the expectations or not.


Nisha(Trishna Mukharjee) is a proofreader in an agency.  She meets Arjun(Venkat Rahul) in a bar for the first time the relation slowly blossoms into love.  A doctor(Appaji Ambareesha) is conducting experiments in the name of Operation Brahma in a building that is located on the outskirts.   When Arjun goes out of the station on a work, Nisha comes across weird situations. Observing her odd behavior, people admit herein mental asylum.  Nisha's life becomes much worse in the hospital.  Watchman Gopal(Anish Kuruvilla) gets ready to help her in the hospital.  What actually happened to Nisha? How come Arjun doesn't know about these developments? What is the secret behind the hospital? The story revolves around these crucial questions.


Trishna Mukharjee's performance is the lifeline of the movie. She delivered a brilliant performance in the role of Nisha. She doesn't have any glamours features but she impresses the audience with her acting talent.
Venkat Rahul who played the role of Arjun has got a limited scope in the film. He got enough screentime in the first half but appears for less time in the second half. He is okay with his role.  Anish Kuruvilla has played a key role carried the two shades well. Appaji Ambareesha as a doctor, Ravi Varma in the SI character have to confine themselves with 2-3 scenes.  Bikramjith Kanwar had a lengthy role and he is also okay.  


Srividya Basava has become a hot topic in the industry by receiving awards for this film.  The audience can witness the best technician in her in the first few minutes itself.  She is able to maintain the same tone till the end but there is some missing feeling.  It is really tough to deal with this kind of thriller because it requires a lot of research.  

There are several new things in the film that related to the concept.  The point in the film is never touched by filmmakers before.  She started the suspense thread well and she tried to continue the suspense with more challenges. But the tempo slows down once Nisha gets admitted to the hospital. As the audience accepted her emotions, the hospital scenes turn repetitive.

The duration is just one hour forty minutes but it appears stretched in some places. We can say that that it is the fault of the screenplay.  Srividya tried to give her best but she couldn't make a movie that thrills the common audience.  Her attempt is really good but the audience will be disappointed if they enter the theater with high expectations.


Naresh Kumaran's music turned out to be the backbone of 'Madha'.  He has elevated several weak scenes with his sound. His composing method is good though the audiences feel it is loud sometimes.  The only melody song the film is pretty average.  Abhiraj Nair's cinematography is good.  Prashant Sagar dialogues are okay.  Productions values are good despite budget constraints.

Plus Points

Trishna's Performance
Background score
Twists in the Pre-climax
Minus Points

Slow second half
Missing logics
Focusing on a single character

Final Word

Telugu cinema is witnessing a change in the recent past.  Young filmmakers are coming up with different content keeping aside the commerciality. The filmmakers may put huge efforts behind the making of a film but the audiences don't care such things. They just watch the film and calculate whether their ticket price and their time are justified or not. If the filmmaker is unable to do justice in that aspect, the result of the film will be disappointing.  'Madha' falls in this category but it will not disappoint the target section.

Bottom line:

Madha - Just OK thriller

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