Jaanu Review

By iDream Post Feb. 07, 2020, 12:05 pm IST
Jaanu Review


These kind of films are quite common in Tamil. Thangar Bacchan's Pallikoodam to Cheran's Autograph to Prem's 96, the list goes on. The slow pace in narration and focus on emotion form the major parameters in such films. The critically acclaimed commercial hit 96 starring Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi of 2019 is made as Jaanu in Telugu now. Let us see how it goes.


Ram and Jaanu are good old school friends from the 2004 batch. They like each other. They happen to meet in a reunion and what happens to their love forms the rest of the story. 

The mood, ambiance and the themes chosen are in sync with 1994 but not 2004. The ambiance of songs chosen to make the protagonist school girl sing are from later 80s and early 90s. Moreover, 2004 is almost social media time with Orkut. Cellphones were in full swing. So it becomes unconvincing to understand that the hero and heroine couldn't contact each other due to communication issues. This confusion doesn't arise while watching Tamil film as that was set in 96' backdrop. 

Portraying this kind of role is a simple left-hand drive for the talented Sharwanand. The same applies to Samanta as well. Both did their job up to the requirement but this is not something that brings out the true talent of the duo. Vennela Kishore brings enough laughs with his timing. Thagubothu Ramesh is ok. Raghu Babu's characterization is dull and not matched to his original self. Fidaa girl Saranya Pradeep turned leamer and made her presence felt with her grace. 

The tenderness of love is brought well on to the screen. Some moments are universally appealing and takes everyone to the school of nostalgia. The film can get hooked to the audience those never attempted to watch 96'. The other set of audience feel it dull, pale and lacks in freshness as the emotional parts are already experienced by them especially in the first half. Second half is emotional and a couple of scenes do wrench the hearts. But within no time, the director attempts to dilute the emotion making it lighter. 

All said and done, this film stands out to be in different genre when compared to the recent Sankranti entertainers. Love stories are not as cinematic and as successful we see on big screen. Many stand out different.  This is one such kind.  This story happens for many lives around us. But on the flip side, it appears too lengthy to get engaged due to lags and slowest narration. 

Bottom line: Realistic love story. 

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