HIT Movie Review

By iDream Post Feb. 28, 2020, 03:03 pm IST
HIT Movie Review

We used to have a Mathematics lecturer in our college days.  He holds a Ph.D. certificate and he was very intelligent. But his class used to be Greek and Latin for us. Having a good grip over the subject is different from giving a good explanation.  The situation of the director of 'HIT' Sailesh Kolanu is more or less the same. He has very good knowledge of crime investigation. But he faltered in presenting the same to the audience.  There is some freshness in the investigation but the story is as old as the hills.

Scotland Police are famous across the globe for their crime investigation procedures. They solve the most complicated cases with their special techniques.  Several books were written, films were made on them.  Arthur Conan Doyle has written a Sherlock Holmes series based on Scotland Police investigations.  Though he is a doctor by profession, he used all his knowledge for Sherlock Holmes.  That's the reason why Sherlock Holmes became one of the world-famous characters. There were many books, serials, film adaptations on Sherlock's character.  It is not an exaggeration to say that all the crime investigation stories across the globe are inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Crime thriller films are on the rise in Tollywood these days. We have seen Rakshasudu, Ashwathama recently. HIT is the latest crime thriller. Vishwak Sen is the hero in this film. HIT is Nani's second film as a producer after 'Awe!'.  We should appreciate Nani for his choice of stories.

How is the film? If we look at the introduction we will think that its a psycho-thriller.  The hero is haunted by some memories. By watching those scenes, like a usual Telugu moviegoer, we think that the story revolves around those haunted memories.  Throwing a surprise with a different presentation is a characteristic of a good story but that should not be the only thing in the story.  At some point, audiences will not understand which direction the story is actually heading.   Director has penned a gripping screenplay but he forgot whether he is presenting it interestingly or not.

If we talk about the story, our hero is a CID officer. His girlfriend works in the Forensic Department.  A girl named Preethi goes missing on a fateful day. Hero's girlfriend also goes missing on the same day while she was searching for Preethi.  Is there any link between these two incidents? What happened to them?  This investigation forms the story.
When we watch a girl missing on Outer Ring Road, we tend to think that this film is based on the recent Disha incident.  But the story takes several twists and turns. Hero doubts many people and he enquires them in varous ways.  Finally, an unexpected villain comes out.

There are two types of crime thrillers irrespective of the director.  One is, revealing the villain at the end. The second type is revealing the villain first and running Tom & Jerry show till the climax.  If the director doesn't reveal the villain, audiences visualize the villain in different ways.  Vishwak starts an investigation and visualizes his villain.  If the director is intelligent he gives the clues to guess the villain.  That's the reason why people watch Hitchcock films repeatedly. But director Sailesh believes his intelligence but not the intelligence of the audiences.  He goes on to bring new persons as the accused and confuses the audiences.

No one will expect him to spoonfeed the audience with all the details.  But he should maintain the interest levels.  He has introduced new technologies in fingerprints, DNA, Narcos, lie detection, etc. but he missed a crucial point. He has forgotten whether the emotions are connected to the audiences or not.  Cinematography, background score are very good so the movie engages otherwise, the CID serial and this film won't have any difference.  We should feel that we are sitting in a theater and watching a film rather than sitting in a police station/forensic lab.

The reason for the crime is not so convincing.  The majority will find it silly.  It is difficult to watch 2 hours of investigation.  Vishwak's performance is topnotch.  If he gets a good story he can carry the whole film on his shoulders.

The makers are saying that this film will have a sequel. It is going to be injurious for many if that is materialized.

Bottom Line: Fatttt

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