Donga Review

By Naresh Kota Dec. 21, 2019, 01:29 pm IST
Donga Review

Donga Movie Review - Twist within a Twist within a Twist!

Cast: Satyaraj, Jyothika, Karthi, Sowcar Janaki, Seetha, Nikhila Vimal

Screenplay by Rensil D'Silva, Sameer Arora, K. Manikandan, Jeethu Joseph
Story by Rensil D'Silva, Sameer Arora
Music by Govind Vasantha
Cinematography by RD Rajasekhar
Edited by VS Vinayak
Directed by Jeethu Joseph
Produced by Parallel Minds Productions, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Released on 20th December 2019

Donga movie starring Jyothika and Karthi with Satyaraj, Sowkar Janaki, Seetha in lead roles released on 20th December. The movie in Tamil is known as "Thambi". The Tamil title feels more relevant and the Telugu one seems to follow Kaithi sentiment, to see if Megastar Chiranjeevi's old superhit film title work again for Karthi at the box office.

The movie got ignored in promotions and even in theater distribution due to two big releases - Prathi Roju Bandage and Ruler. Some of the Ruler theatres might look to pick up this movie but audiences should show interest in the film, for that to be the case. Will it be the case, though? Let's discuss Rensil D'Silva is the writer of a classic film, Rang De Basanti. He tried to make big after such massive success but his penchant for "Twist"-ed tales, seems to be lending to his problem of not being able to repeat the success. He worked as a magician writer for Rang De Basanti but his next releases all tried to sell off some stories that seem very far away from reality.

Hiding a fact from the public cannot be so twisted to make a film like this. Either it should be comical and sentimentally engaging or it should be an edge of the seat thriller. It cannot be similar to Drishyam, where the slow burn is actually paid off with a huge twist in the end. Jeethu Joseph likes such an approach and this film screamed on top of its lungs that it is a too old story to have such an approach.

Rather than making the hero, audience perspective character, had Satyaraj or Jyothika been audience character, through whom and for whom, the story is revealed, the film might have had some interesting points to explore and appreciate. Every person from the technical department managed to give their best within the budget and premise. Even cast was competent and especially, look out for Sowkar Janaki's simple eye-moments. In a difficult role, she shines very well, showing age can never limit talent.

Karthi is too good and as an actor, he is invested in the character right from the word go. But the writing and overdramatic twists don't sit with the story at all. One cannot really end up connecting with a story that they were asked to believe for 2 hours to just know that it is all false. Some films deserve one viewing on digital or Satellite TV platforms as we can skip some parts to watch exciting segments but at theatres, they seem to drag too much. This movie falls in that category.

Bottom line: Too many Twists spoil Story!

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