Disco Raja Review

By iDream Post Jan. 24, 2020, 12:57 pm IST
Disco Raja Review


The film has released without any hype. The hangover caused by the two Sankranthi blockbusters hasn't yet come down the heads of the audience. As a result, the major names associated with this film failed to pull the required attention. Ravi Teja, though a big crowd puller, has come up after the biggest flop 'Amar Akbar Antony'.  The director is VI Anand who made so-so attempts with 'Ekkadiki Pothaavu Chinnavaada' and 'Okka Kshanam' so far. Keeping them aside, the hot ladies of this season, Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh are the only crowd pullers for this project. Amidst this average pull factor, how far the content in the film manages to hook? Let us get into that. 


Have you ever experienced the feeling of not getting connected to any emotion? Well, you need not do any meditation or practice any kind of yoga to get into this state of "sthitha prajna". You can go and watch "Disco Raja" and you can sit still without any feel continuously for two hours. Yes, you get the feeling that you attained it. 

Let us not discuss much about the story part, as the spoilers may affect the collections. Let us not spoil the suspense! Let us jump into the other part.  

The ideas and shots like these make us nostalgic. Let us find a few:

A frozen body for years together is found in the Himalayas. (Yes, a scene from Puri Jagan's "Mehbooba" may flash in many minds). 

A doctor inserts a chip the head of a protagonist ( yeah, it's again an idea from Puri Jagan's film,  "iSmart Shankar"). 

The protagonist blasts a car and makes the world around him believe that he is dead (Hmm..Basha)

The protagonist makes a family with orphans and supports them (Ufff..Enta Manchivadavuraa).

The dead body that comes to life stands up as a surprise and the doctors around try to make him sedated (Ahhh..Avatar!!)

The first person to be saluted with tears is the producer. He didn't compromise anywhere with respect to the production values. He spent quite huge on this insipid creation. Salutes to the martyr!

The major daredevil here is the director. He didn't bother much to develop the idea as a story (yes, one needs guts to jump without preparation). He should be honored for the most disconnecting screenplay and narrating the story without any emotion.  

No clue why the director has roped in Bobby Simha, a not so established face on Telugu screen for such a role. His screen presence didn't add any value. 

Nabha and Payal brought some whistles with their intros. Thanks to them for being Oases in the desert. 

There is one place where the director and an actor succeeded in bringing some emotion called 'irritation' at the end. That is Sunil's double shaded performance. 

Thaman should be left with mercy for the retro song he made with an interesting groove. 

Ravi Teja is the only big factor for this film. He must have checked the script at least twice before jumping into this quagmire assuming it to be a swimming pool. 

Bottom Line: 'Deaf and Dumb', just like the heroine in the film! (Sorry for the spoiler)

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