Aswathama Review

By iDream Post Jan. 31, 2020, 05:31 pm IST
Aswathama Review
Rating : 2.25/5
Main Cast: : Naga Shourya, Mehreen Pirzada,
Director: : Ramana Teja,
Music: : Sricharan Pakala,
Producer: : Ira Creations,

Introduction: Young hero Naga Shaurya started his career as a small hero and he scored a block buster with 'Chalo'. He couldn't continue the success streak later with his faulty selection of stories.  He has taken some gap and produced 'Ashwathama' on his home banner to bounce back in his career.  He is not only the producer for 'Ashwathama' but he also penned story for the film.  He is introducing a new director Ramana Teja to Tollywood with this movie. The promos of 'Ashwathama' have created a good impression among the audience that it is an interesting crime thriller.  The movie which is releasing post Sankranti hungama is carrying decent expectations. Let us jump into the review to see whether 'Ashwathama' reached the expectations or not. 


There is an unknown criminal gang in Vizag, which kidnaps girls in the city.  Gana(Naga Shaurya) returns from USA to attend his sister Priya's marriage. Gana gets shock of his life during the marriage festivities, when he comes to know that his sister is pregnant.  The bridegroom(Prince) understands the situation with an open heart so, Priya goes to her in-law's house after the marriage.  She disappears later.  Similar cases like kidnapping of girls.. suicides are recorded in the several parts of the city.  Shaurya gets upset with the messed up situations and starts his search to find out the criminals.  Who is the criminal behind all these crimes, why he behaves in such a cruel manner? How Gana finds him out forms the rest of the story.
Actors Performance: 

Naga Shaurya is a good actor and he has proven it with 'Oohalu Gusagusalade' and several other films.  He has gained considerable following among the youth after 'Chalo'.  But it is really surprising that he has chosen a serious theme rather than soft subjects which suits his age and image.He tried to do something different and that's the reason why he penned the story himself based on real incidents. We can say that he is not a mismatch for Gana's role.  
If we talk about Mehreen, she doesn't have any importance in the film.  Frankly speaking, she is unnecessary for the flow of the story.  She helps the hero here and there. The suspense maintained by the team regarding the villain yield good result.  It is not appropriate to reveal him so we are not mentioning his name here. His performance turned out to be a major plus for the second half.  Tamil actor who appeared as the grandfather performed brilliantly. Posani, Kasi Vishwanath, Prince, Pavitra Lokesh, Surekha Vani, Satya got small roles. The fishermen gang has generated some fear with their acting. 


Crime thriller needs a tight screenplay.  The story should run with suspense without revealing the killer. Ramana Teja tried to run the film in a similar tempo but he couldn't get the desired result. As the movie doesn't have many twists the first half lacked the punch. Unnecessary sentiment, love track turned out to be speed breakers. Otherwise the movie could have been more crisp.  He took more time to establish hero's family because of the thin story. On the whole director missed the opportunity to make it a good crime thriller. 
Team Work:

Music director Sri Charan Pakala has been confined to tunes.  Ashwathama team has chosen Ghibran for the background score and it is a great choice. His BGM has helped the film.  He has elevated several scenes with his score. We can observe Rakshasudu sounding here and there. It seems he has been impacted by the similar storyline.  Songs are pretty average. Nothing special to remember.  Manoj Reddy's cinematography stands out.  His framing to carry the mood of the film, the rich look is impressive.  Though editing is good, the movie should have been 15 minutes crispier.  Parashuram's dialogues are average.  Considering the genre, we can't expect more from him. Production values are good.  
Plus Points

Naga Shaurya's Performance
Ghibran BGM
Interval Bang 
Few Twists
Villain's Track

Minus Points

First Half
Sentiment which is not in sync with the story
Wafer thin story

Reviewers Take: 

All crime stories are not suitable for silver screen.  Some of them are good for reading.  'Ashwathama' gets struck in between these two and leaves the audience in confusion and remained as an ordinary thriller.  As the screenplay lacks the required pace, Ashwathama turned out to be an ordinary soldier in the war rather than a warrior.  

In A Single Word: Ashwathama.. A horse with broken leg.

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