YSRCP sweeps GPs in fourth phase elections

By Nehru.T Feb. 22, 2021, 10:29 am IST
YSRCP sweeps GPs in fourth phase elections

TDP losts its base even in Amaravathi area too

Once again the ruling YSRCP has proved its upped hand in Gramapanchayati(GP) elections and won major share of villages in fourth phase of elections too. The contestants who are in the fray of Gramapanchayati elections in the past three phases have proved their upper hand and won more than 85 percent of GPs and the same scenario is continued in the fourth phase also. The AP has as many as 13,000 Grama Panchayatis and the supporters of YSRCP have won more than 10,000 Gramapanchayatis and the opposityion TDP won around 2000 Gramapanchayatis. Rest of the GPs are gained by either Janasena, BJP or indipendents based on the local political equations.

As per the estimation, more than 80 percent of the villages have come under the management of the YSRCP supporters. While elections were held for 3245 panchayats in the first phase, 3,225 villages went to polls in the second phase. Similarly, elections were held for 3216 villages in the third phase and 2235 villages in the final phase. Curiously, YSRC secured 2,616 sarpanch posts in the first phase, 2,654 seats in the second phase and 2605 sarpanch posts in the third phase. The performance in the final phase was no less to the previous rounds as it scored nearly 2,300 panchayaths of the 2,900 villages where the counting was completed. Interestingly the mandal head quarters like Prattipadu, Acchampeta, Krosuru,, Tadikonda, Phirangipuram, Pedanandipadu, Muppalla, Rajupalem, which are adjacent to capital Amaravathi and said to be in the core area of that region also was won by the YSRCP supporters. Actually the supporters of TDP and sympathizers of the party, who gained a lot and expected some more gains in future have been staging Dharnas against the three capitals proposals and filed many petitions in several courts too. The Dharnas have been continuing for the past 400 days but in the GP elections, all these areas are captured by the YSRCP supporters only. The TDP couldn’t prove its strength and stamina anymore and lost its base in the core area.

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