Will Jagan’s meeting Modi finalise the deals?

By Gopal.T Oct. 04, 2020, 08:17 am IST
Will Jagan’s meeting Modi finalise the deals?

AP Chief Minister and the YSR Congress chief Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 5. Jaganmohan Reddy had met Union Home minister Amit Shah two times on September 23 and 24 and the meeting with the Prime Minister gives scope for political speculation to spread across.

The meeting with Amit Shah was overdue and it was postponed twice in the past due to lockdown. When it happened finally on September 23 and 24, the political equations in Delhi have changed. The changes were two fold – one in the NDA among the allies of the BJP and the other in the Rajya Sabha in favour of the YSR Congress.

The first change was exit of the long-time associate of the BJP, Punjab-based Shiromani Akali Dal, from the NDA and the Union Cabinet. The BJP had suffered heavily with the exit of Shiv Sena from Maharastra a few months ago and now the exit of the SAD costs dearly. The BJP was not inclined to lose its associates and was desperately looking for a trusted ally, when the trusted allies like Shiv Sena and Akali Dal bid adieu. The BJP leadership is looking for the trusted ally and found the YSR Congress to fit in and the talks were around that issue.

The second change was in Rajya Sabha where the BJP’s strength had come down further and the YSR Congress’ strength increased. The 2019 elections, the exit of Shiva Sena and Akali Dal have reduced the NDA’s strength in the House. The NDA is already short of numbers in the Upper House and this loss would further cost dearer for the party. At this time, the YSR Congress’ strength had gone up from two to six with the election of four members from AP Assembly recently.

The six-member party is politically important for the BJP to get its will passed in the Upper House. It was here that the BJP is looking at the YSR Congress as a trusted ally.

In these number games, the talks between Shah and Jagan assumed significance and they are further assuming significance with proposed meeting between Narendra Modi and Jaganmohan Reddy.
It is highly speculated that the BJP is inviting the YSR Congress to join the NDA. However, Jaganmohan Reddy has his own agenda and is to be seen what move he would make at the national level.

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