Sulking Manohar, skipping Pawans programs

By Nehru.T Feb. 18, 2020, 04:08 pm IST
Sulking Manohar, skipping Pawans programs

-Nadendla unhappy with Pawan’s dual role
-Manohar suggests not to act in films

Nadendla Manohar, who can be said as number two position in the party and having close association with the chief of Janasena Pawan Kalyan is seems to be avoiding the party programs in the past few days. We cant find any public appearance of Pawan Kalyan . Nadrndla Manohar he former speaker used to accompany with Pawan Kalyan in every meeting and he travelled to USA and to Delhi to meet the BJP leaders and others . But now he is missing the Pawans meetings in the recent days.

Pawan has toured in Rayalaseema recently and made some political comments and expressed his displeasure over the state government and even he stated that he would come out of the alliance of BJP if the national party is going to have nexus with YSRCP. In all these Rayalaeema meetings Mahonar is not appeared . As per the information, Manohar is not happy with the attitude and split personality of Pawan Kalyan. Even he opposed Pawan for acting again in movies.

Enquiries with the Jana Sena Party leaders revealed that Nadendla had not been keeping well for quite some time and had informed Pawan well in advance about his inability to attend the latter’s public meetings in various places. But sources said there is a different reason for Nadendla skipping Pawan’s meetings. The former Speaker is keeping good health, but has been deliberately avoiding the meetings as he was upset with the boss.

Reason: Nadendla is not happy with the decision of the power star to get back into films. He apparently told Pawan that his return to films would send a wrong signal to the party cadre in particular and people in general, as it would show the non-seriousness of Pawan towards politics. As per the source, that Manohar advised Pawan to not to sail by two boats at same time. He suggested not to act in films and play active role in politics, which is not ethically correct and the public wont accept the dual role. But Pawan didn’t listen the words of Nadendal and moving forward and working with Dil Raju’s film and even he signed for some more movies to be acted in coming 3 years. All these consequences have made Manohar un happy and he is simply keeping away from Pawan and Janasena party.

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