Why, Ganababu kept aside ?

By Nehru.T May. 09, 2020, 01:46 pm IST
Why, Ganababu kept aside  ?

Why not included in TDP committee ??

It seems that the Chief of Telugu Desam N.Chandrababu Naidu has strongly insulted the MLA of Visakhapatnam West P.Ganababu. Naidu has intentionally kept him aside while constituting a fact finding committee comprising of three MLAs. The TDP has formed a committee with K.Atchennaidu, N.Chinarajappa and N.Ramanaidu, who are the MLAs and they are directed to visit the affected areas of LG Polymers in Visakha district and find the facts and report the same to the party highcommnd. Actually the local MLA Ganababu would have been in the committee as he is representing the area and he knows the every village and every street of the area.

He can ascertain the damage and understand the agony of the locals in better way than any other out side leader. But unfortunately, he was ignored by Chandrababu Naidu and all the MLAs in the committee are completely strangers to this area and they cant understand the agony of the public. But it seems that Naidu has intentionally insulted the local MLA Ganababu . Actually the MLA visited immediately after the mishap broken at RR Venkatapuam. By the time he reached there, the police, health staff, NDRF, SDRF teams were there and busy with undertaking rescue operations. Ganababu actually could not find and fault with government mechanism and he told the same to media and more over he appreciated the mechanism.

He said that all the staff have responded quickly and undertook rescue operation efficiently and those rapid response had reduced the causalities. Apart from that Ganababu participated in a review meeting conducted by Chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy and he raised his voice and spoke on behalf of locals and explained what was happened there and appealed the CM to help them in all aspects. This two incidents might have caused to keep Ganababu away from the three member committee formed by the Chandrababua Naidu.

Generally Naidu wont accept his party workers to applaud the government and his intention is only to point our the flaws and blame the government to attain political mileage. But here he could not yield such benefits. As the local MLA Ganababu appreciated the government mechanism and even he participated in a review meeting organized by the CM. These two incidents might have caused displeasure over the MLA and finally he is out of the committee.

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