What went wrong in Amaravati?

By Gopal.T Jan. 04, 2020, 12:51 pm IST
What went wrong in Amaravati?

Amaravati was the chosen capital of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. He zeroed it on the region in December 2014. He tried to project the city at the international level and had travelled several countries, at the cost of the revenue deficit-inflicted State to market Amaravati.

He spent one year in pooling the land, partly voluntary and fully by police force. The TDP government first targeted the Dalits and the landless poor. The government used the police to terrorise them and surrender their lands or sell them at throw away price.

Later, the TDP government targeted the tenant farmers and they were thrown out of the lands. The power lines were disconnected and the bore wells were destroyed. In some cases, the standing crops too were destroyed and thus they were terrorised.

Having done all this, the government had spent three years just speaking about it across the world and not doing much on the ground. Except the interim government buildings at Velagapudi, housing the Assembly and Secretariat and the court building at Nelapadu housing the High Court, there was nothing till the middle of 2018. The seed access road too was started in the 2018 and not before that.

The Singapore remained silent after the agreement in 2018, while the Normon and Fosters washed off its hands after handing over the final designs of the buildings in the end of 2018. The construction of the residential quarters for ministers and all India service officers started only in the third quarter of 2018.

This was all clear violation of what was promised to the farmers. The Naidu government had ignored the GOs it had issued promising good deal to the farmers and had thus betrayed them. As per GO Ms No.1, dated 01-01-2015 (known as Land Pooling Scheme rules), Schedule III.1(iii) the government should "provide free education and medical facilities to all those residing as on 8th December, 2014." It did not fulfil this.

As per Schedule II.1(i) of the same GO, the government should handover physical possession of reconstituted plots and complete the development within 3 years, which means the farmers should have got their developed portion of plots by 2018. This is 2020, and the farmers are on the roads now.

Naidu had successfully diverted the attention of the farmers from his failures to the new government’s proposal to shift the capital. The farmers have lost their lands and were betrayed by the TDP. Naidu is thus high jacking their thoughts playing mind game with them using the three capitals proposal of the government.

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