Villages witness protests, want Amaravati as capital

By Suresh Dec. 19, 2019, 02:15 pm IST
Villages witness protests, want Amaravati as capital

The capital villages in Amaravati have seen protests all over on Thursday, following the statement of chief minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy hinting at having three capitals for the state.

The chief minister’s statement in the Assembly that Amaravati would remain a legislative capital had angered the people who came to the streets holding protest.

The farmers of 29 villages of Thulluru and Mangalagiri mandals have given their lands in pooling to the state government to building a new capital – Amaravati.

The previous government had promised to build a global city, one of the top five cities of the world, and make it global destination. People had high hopes on the promises of the government and have given their lands hopping that their area would develop.

The TDP government had constructed interim secretariat and assembly buildings in Velagapudi, interim high court building at Nowluru, besides the housing projects for the IAS, IPS officers and government employees. The seed access road too was almost laid and tenders for several works were issued during before the State went for general election.

However, with the new government taking charge, the works in Amaravati were stopped leading to confusion among the people on the future of the area. Initially, people believed that chief minister Jaganmohan Reddy may not go for grandiose plans of Chandrababu Naidu but will continue the capital here.

But, the last day of the winter session of the Assembly had witnessed the chief minister announced that the state could have three capitals. His statement that Visakhapatnam could be the executive capital and Kurnool the judicial capital has given enough indications that the government would shift secretariat and high court from Amaravati, leaving the empty buildings of Assembly.

This feeling had shattered their dreams of seeing a world class city around them, who raised slogans against the government and demanded that Amaravati be continued as the capital of the city, without the secretariat and high court being shifted from here.

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