US surpass China in Corona cases

By iDream Post Mar. 27, 2020, 11:22 am IST
US surpass  China in Corona cases

The United states of America, one off the most advanced, highly developed countries in the world with utmost sophisticated medical facilities is shivering with Covid-19 positive cases. The nation has registered around 83,000 positive cases countrywide, which is much more than China, where the Corona is originated.

The nationwide tally grew over 10,000 cases in less than five hours. The state of New York has become the top position with 37,802 cases reported. New Jersey and California have reported 6,876 and 3,802 cases, respectively, Xinhua reported.

Total COVID-19-linked deaths in the US reached 1,178, while 281 of them occurred in New York City and 100 in Kings County of Washington state. On the other side the president if USA stated that the country is conducting huge number if samples, hence the number of positive reports are high. Anyway the situation in USA is creating panic and lakhs of students, techies are restrained there. Here in India,their parents,near and dear are worrying about their safety there.

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