Union Budget disappoints Andhraites

By Gopal.T Feb. 02, 2020, 08:56 am IST
Union Budget disappoints Andhraites

Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath expressed displeasure over the Union Budget 2020.Addressing a press conference on Saturday, he said that this was a disappointing budget for the State as the Union Government failed to allocate funds to the State as per the State Reorganization Act.

Minister Rajendranath further said that the Union Government decreased the state share of GST returns for about Rs 2500 Crores for the year 2018-19, which is a huge loss for the state financially. "All the promises made during state bifurcation are being dragged and kept pending, which is not a right phenomenon for the state. There is no clarity on the revenue deficit, package for the backward districts and Polavaram reimbursement. Even the government failed to provide industrial incentives." He added.

Speaking on the overall budget of the Union Government, Minister Rajendranath Reddy said that the budget is far from the ground reality and raising numerous questions regarding its implementation.

"According to the GST Acthe centre has to pay the state share to the state. Except for 7-8 states all the other states have to get the tax reimbursement. Apart from these there quite a few good decisions in the budget like introducing the Dhanyalakshmi scheme, setting up kosam rail and Krish Udaan. Even bringing new airports and setting up data centre parks is also a good decision as they would create more employment. Also setting up of hospitals in the backward areas under Ayushman Bharat will provide health care facilities in those areas."

Minister stated that TDP members are drawing allegations over the State government for the corruption, but through reverse tendering AP government saved Rs 1900 Crores.

"In the 5 year ruling, TDP failed to get funds for Polavaram, Backward districts and every promise made for the state in the Reorganization Act. Chandrababu Naidu, who was booked in cash for vote case, ran away from Hyderabad and put the state future at stake. Our Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy fulfilled 80 percent of the election promises in less than 8 months. It is Chandrababu Naidu who ruined the state economy and emptied the treasuries of all departments."

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