Trump seeks support of India

By Nehru.T Apr. 05, 2020, 04:41 pm IST
Trump seeks support of India

Appeal Modi to supply drugs to fight with Covid-19
Of course the USA may be the most advanced nation in the world but now its worrying about the spreading of Corona virus and its seeking the support of India. The country is one of the top victim of Corona virus as lakhs of Americans are fighting with Corona and more than ten thousand people have lost their lives with this deadly virus. Now the president of USA Donald Trump has appealed India to supply a particular medicine, which is expected to cure the Corona and asked the prime minister Narendra Modi to supply the medicine in huge quantity. Trump has appealed Modi for hydroxychloroquine, a medicine in short supply that could help with facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said "I had appreciate if they would release the amounts that we ordered and they are giving it serious consideration. Actually India banned the export of hydroxy chloroquine, which is used primarily to treat malaria. Trump held out hope of the ban being released because "they make large amounts of hydroxychloroquine, very large amounts." Trump expecting that India has huge quantity of that drug as this country is large populated country. Trump believing that hydroxyl chloroquine can be used as a preventive and a therapeutic drug for Covid-19. There has been a run on the medicine in the US because of the reports of its efficacy against corona virus. On the other side some of the attorneys of USA are opposing the usage of drug, as they are suspecting the result of that medicine.

Trump's recommendation for the use hydroxyl chloroquine has faced opposition from the media, some of which have labelled it "dangerous." Trump pointed out that it has been used widely to treat malaria but also said that the therapy should not be used by those patients are with heart problems. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of hydroxychloroquine on a limited basis to treat corona virus. Despite the political opposition, a Democratic Party leader, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was the first to ask for it and has started a pilot program to test hydroxychloroquine with about 1,000 people. Any how, now India is in a position to help the USA in this aspect if the union government accepts the exportation of that drug to United states of America.

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