To YCP, the Council ceases to exist

By Gopal.T Feb. 03, 2020, 07:16 am IST
To YCP, the Council ceases to exist

Even as the decision of the Central government is yet to come, the ruling YSR Congress in AP feels that the Legislative Council is dissolved and ceases to exist.

The ruling YSR Congress is in disagreement with what the Legislative Council chairman, M A Shariff of TDP, had done on the infamous day, January 22, while referring the two government bills to the select committees. Though the chairman and the TDP want the select committees to be constituted and the bills referred to them, the YSR Congress is not ready for the same and ignores the chairman’s requests.

Interestingly, the officials of the Legislature also see several flaws in the chairman’s announcement and now refuse to send letters to the parties seeking names for the constitution of select committees. They quote the rules of the Legislature (both Assembly and Council) and provisions of the Constitution.

The rule 145 says that the House (Assembly or Council) should go for voting if a select committee has to be constituted. On the discretionary powers of the Chair under rule 154 in referring any bill to the select committee, the Legislature officials, is only to consider the “delay in members giving notices or terminology used in the notices,” and not on the reference to the select committee.

Minister for Civil Supplies, Kodali Nani, had said that they don’t recognise the existence of the Legislative Council, as they have passed a resolution and the resolution is under consideration of the Central government and Parliament. The ruling YSR Congress is confident of the Parliament considering the resolution and see no existence of the Legislative Council, much to the chagrin of the Opposition TDP, which played the political game to put the ruling party in trouble over decentralisation of capital.

In a way, the TDP’s political game or mind game, as it claims, for the supremacy over the ruling party, had proved to be a wrong move by the TDP itself. Chandrababu Naidu, who claims to be the most experienced leader in the country, and has four decades of experience in public life, including 14 years as chief minister, committed a mistake by misusing the Legislative Council for his political advantage.

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