Time for Jagan to rethink on strategies

By Gopal.T Aug. 28, 2020, 10:20 am IST
Time for Jagan to rethink on strategies

AP Chief Minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy might be right in his own way in showing difference in his politics. He is busy from the day one, in rolling out the promises one after the other, that he had promised to the people in his election manifesto. He is also rolling out some of the promises that he had made to the people during his historic padayatra.

Jaganmohan Reddy spends lion’s share of his day time in holding reviews with the officials and leaves them for the work. His style looks different from others. He doesn’t hold back the officials outside his office room for hours together, like what we have seen in the past. He limits the presence of the officials to the review subjects that he has on his table. He starts his day and closes the day that almost suits the office schedule of the senior bureaucrats.

He is also not unavailable to the officers and his own party leaders like some chief ministers we find across. He gives due time for both the officials and the party leaders every day or at least alternate day. The impression is that he is spending more of his time in ensuring that every promise that he had made to the people becomes a reality.

The past 14 months show that Jaganmohan Reddy’s focus is on health, education and agriculture, besides in a wider range ensuring the social equality by giving due partnership to the neglected sections of the society.

On this note, everything goes well for him in particular and his party in general as most of the people are satisfied with his performance. One year later, other than Amaravati issue, there is nothing much had come to nail the government. There are no significant protests anywhere in the state on any issue in the last 14 months except the Amaravati issue. This indicates that Jaganmohan Reddy is on his own and right path.

But, the increasing negative image that is being created or aired by the opposition in different forms is also an important issue for the ruler to look at. The opposition’s voice appears bigger and louder, thanks to the media support and the management skills of the opposition leader. The government faces criticism and defeat both in the media and the courts as well. This is happening every day on every issue that this government takes up.

There is little for Jaganmohan Reddy to do in moulding the media, which is politically motivated against him. But, there could be something that this government could do in facing the courts or tasting defeat in the courts. The government could be wise enough to handle the legal issues where interpretation do matter. The constitution is same for everyone, but the eye that looks at it makes the difference.

When the rivals are aware of an advocate-daughter for chief justice and an advocate father for another justice, why not the government? “Be a Roman when you are in Rome” is the saying and Jaganmohan Reddy should know these tricks or facts, at least for the sake of not being defeated or not being thrown out of the courts every day. Changing strategies to suit to the rivals is also a strategy.

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