They are warriors not volunteers

By iDream Post Mar. 24, 2020, 10:05 am IST
They are warriors not volunteers

Knocked every door Play key-role in identifying Corona infected people Of-course they are less paid workers. The leaders of opposition parties especially the farmer Chief minister N.Chandrababu Naidu and others laughed at them. Naidu made damaging comments at them. He said ‘is that a job.? What is there in it ? they are not employees, but they are Koolies. Carrying bags to every door steps.’ But they didn’t step back and take part in administration and became first hand service providers to every individual in the Andhrapradesh.

They are none other than Village Volunteers. It’s an innovative idea born in the mind of the Chief Minister of Andhrapradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and he started recruiting Village volunteers at village level. Each Volunteer is directed to take care of 50 families. They have to deliver ration , groceries to the 50 families for which is assigned for. Now they became crucial persons in village level when the Corona virus is threatening the public. Of course every village might have ANMs but their services are limited and some times they may not available but these Volunteers had played wonderful role in identifying the Corona infected people.

• Around 2.5 Lakhs of volunteers recruited in AP
• They conducted door to door survey in entire state
• They knocked 1.35 crores of houses
• Volunteers identified 13,301 persons, who reached india from abroad
• Volunteers conducted awareness programs in villages
• Volunteers identified every NRI who reached home land and immediately informed concerned health staff
• No NRI could hide from the eye sight of the volunteer
• Volunteer is completely local person of the village and know every movement of the concerned 50 families.
• He conduct door to door survey and informed every suspicious case or anybody is having symptoms
• Every family in the state is sensitized by volunteer on Corona virus .
• Generally volunteers know the health conditions of those families
• Conducting awareness camps in the villages and explaining the care steps to be taken by the public.
• Utilizing the mobile phone given by the government effectively and interacting with people, sensitizing the people in this regard.
• Volunteers could identify the new arrivals into their village and informed the concerned officials.

To be frank, no other department has monitored such a close way to identify the Corona infected or suspicious. Now the people of Andhrapradesh have really applauding the services of Volunteers and the decision taken by YS Jagan for recruiting them.

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