The AP assembly is running with heated arguments in Assembly

By Nehru.T Jan. 22, 2020, 12:05 pm IST
The AP assembly is running with heated arguments in Assembly

CM appealed the speaker to send the MLAs out of house for indiscipline

Heated arguments and exchange of words between ruling and opposition parties on Wednesday. TDP MLAs arrived into assembly with slogans
of slogans Jai Amaravati, Jai Amaravati by TDP legislators protesting against the passing of the capital Decentralisation bill of the state capital. The discussion was started on the Rytu Bharata scheme and agriculture minister Kanna Babu Denduluru MLA Abbayya Chwodary spoke on the occasion. While Abbayya Chowdary was speaking about the Rytu Bharosa and the implementation of welfare schemes for the farmers, the TDP legislators continued the protests near the Speaker podium raising slogans Jai Amaravat, Jai Amaravati.

The Speaker also shouted asking the TDP MLAs to take their seats and move away from the poditum. But, they refused to do and continued the protests. Than CM Jagan Mohan Reddy intervened and asked the speaker to bring marshals into the house to send some MLAs outside the house. Speaker Tammineni Seetharam responded and condemned the attitude of the TDP legislators and asked them to maintain restraint and help the house to continue discussion on Rytu Bharosa. Jagan asked the speaker to forcibly send the TDP MLAs outside the house if the latter enter the podium of the speaker.

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