TDP supporters violate lockdown norms

By Nehru.T May. 25, 2020, 05:57 pm IST
TDP supporters violate lockdown norms

Surrounded Chandrababu

The TDP leaders, who have blamed the YSR congress MLAs like Roja and others for violating lockdown and participating in public functions have committed the same mistake now.On Monday the chief of TDP N.Chandrababu Naidu stepped into Andhrapradesh after spending two months at Hyderabad amid Corona caused lockdown. The TDP cadre in huge number gathered around him and welcomed in grand way . Thru didn't concern over the social distancing norm instructed by the union government.

Everybody knows that social distancing is a must with older people especially those crossed 65.
Naidu, who is in his 70s must have
obstruct the thronging mobs.

He is at high risk zone interms of his age. He should have maintain distance with the mob and avoid the spreading of Corona virus. But in the videos being circulated in social media show that Naidu is also enjoying the interaction and the way of grand welcoming. It is need to say that indisciplined mobs have violated the lockdown rule of social distancing, not knowing that they are pushing their old aged leader into danger zone.

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