SWOT Analysis Of YCP's Government

By Bharadwaj Jan. 30, 2020, 12:21 pm IST
SWOT Analysis Of YCP's Government


1.Majority in Assembly:

With a humongous number of 151 elected representatives and absolute strong majority, the YCP holds the lion’s share in calling the shots towards any administrative decisions. With a meager opposition on the other side, the party can implement any policy. Technically, this is the power and strength entrusted to them by the people so it would be interesting to see how they use this Majority quotient in the coming years.

2.Strong outspoken leaders:

When it comes to people and society, a government needs a voice that can say it all. YCP is armed with some of the finest orators in the form of Kodali Nani, Buggana, Ambati Rambabu, Botsa Sathyanarayan, Anil Kumar Yadav, kurasala kannababu, Perni Nani and others. With their credentials, they have the ability to expose the flaws of the opposition party with data and facts so this needs to be taken advantage of further.

3.Focus on welfare schemes:

The key point which brought YCP to power has been the Navaratna scheme and so far it has gone well among the people. The initiatives such as phase-wise liquor ban, Amma Vodi, employment to many youth are some of the salient steps taken up by the government and met with a positive response. An additional push of these schemes is going to attract sizeable traction for the next term.

4.Public support at gross-root level:

Keeping aside the vested publicity from the Yellow media, at the ground level the public support is quite high for the government. The initiatives and the decisive actions taken by the YCP have shown results at the grassroot level. To quote an instance, the raids by ACB are happening and corruption is getting checked and this has been a menacing issue since ages. This kind of support always works in favour of the government.


1.Non co-operative bureaucrats in some areas:

For a government to function rightly, the think-tank has to be in sync with the Ministries. Unfortunately, it is being noticed that there is a tinge of non-cooperative bureaucracy in some areas which is not a good sign. The Red Tape is not working as effectively as it should and this is because they are not subject to pressure. The government needs to work on applying more pressure and monitoring which would get the bureaucrats on their toes.

2.Goebbels propaganda by yellow media:

The power of the fourth estate is immense in our country and thanks to the Goebbel's propaganda by the Yellow media a lot of positive things got undermined. However, it is an old story and the issue has been on since a while. Ironically, whatever good happens is not brought into the light and small minus would be magnified and criticized.

3.No strategic political moves but fairly going ahead in public interest:

Politics is also about strategy and when there are no strategic political moves it leads to more protests. The recent decision of dissolving legislative council would have gone smooth if points like TDP is there in majority, cost issue and not much utility were brought to light. After this, if trifurcation happened the real intent would have been understood. As is evident, strategy has been an issue and YCP government has been reactive than responsive.

4.No frequent press meets to give clarity to the public on various issues:

When the RTC issue happened in Telangana the opposition’s mouthpiece media tried its best to magnify it. CM KCR held a press meet and whitewashed everyone and sympathy wave switched from RTC staff to CM because he explained everything clearly with facts and figures. Today they are back to work and milk abhishekam happened to KCR. Similarly, it is better to give clarity to the public through press meets before decisions are taken on various issues.


1.Weak opposition:

When there is a weak opposition, the opportunity quotient to deliver things effectively to people is high. Since the opposition has no number and there are no real outspoken leaders who can genuinely point out any flaws, this can be converted as an opportunity to strengthen their position for the next few terms.

2.Abolishing Council:

In lieu of the recent developments, removing the Legislative Council once and for all could not have come at the right time. Once the council is abolished, there will be no resistance from TDP. As it is, they don’t have strength in assembly and it would certainly save a lot of cost to the exchequer.

3.Vizag as capital propels investments:

As part of the trifurcation, if Vizag becomes executive capital it would have the state secretariat, Raj Bhavan and only legislation would be in Amaravathi. This is a good move as investments would be high. With good infrastructure such as international airport, good roads, transport and logistics is taken care of. There is also a huge commercial port and history has shown how port cities have become potential to become big cities.


1.Not publicizing the welfare and development activities done:

Since its inception as the government, lakhs got jobs but no publicity has happened about it. Many schemes are already in implementation but the results are not shared with people. Many are unaware of the benefits the people are getting. If they know, they will get the hope that this government is reliable. Similarly, the ACB raids CM Jagan is getting done is not getting publicized. On the contrary, TDP used to be very good at marketing themselves even for a minute act.

2.No considerable number of channels to counter the misleading yellow media:

Media should not be taken lightly and here, the Yellow media is powerful enough to influence people. So, just like how Telangana government has done, YCP should equip themselves. Most of the channels are creating resistance against development through negative publicity. It is important the YCP needs to come up with their own media machinery.

3.Female members in Assembly praising the CM in filmy style attracting trolls:

There is a fine line between appreciating someone and exaggerating praising. It is being noticed that the female members in the Assembly have been overdoing the praising of CM Jagan. They should stop doing that as the aura is getting affected. They can do it in public meetings or functions but not in the assembly. So, they need to be given some orientation on how to balance it out.

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