Striking down the SIT investigation is unconstitutional - Botsa

By Nehru.T Sep. 17, 2020, 08:49 pm IST
Striking down the SIT investigation is unconstitutional - Botsa

The YSR Congress party government in Andhrapradesh has intensified its battle with judiciary system and raising several doubts on the sanctity of the high court. The MPs Mithun Reddy and Vijay Saireddy have raised the issue how the high court is obstructing the smooth functioning of elected government in Andhrapradesh and how the judicial body is releasing orders to protect the people, whose role is suspected in Amaravathi land scam. Later the minister for municipal administration and urban development Botcha Satyanarayana also amazed to listen the orders given by high court to stall the investigation by SIT team in the land scandal at Amaravathi. Botcha said the high court order was unconstitutional and illegal as it trespassed into the powers of the state legislature. Sattibabu reminded that by stalling the SIT probe, the HC had struck down a resolution passed by the AP legislative assembly, as the SIT was constituted based on this resolution. We can said its unconstitutional and against the basic tenets of autonomy of the legislature,” Botsa said. The Andhrapradesh state government would immensely respect the judiciary wing and it has no intention to insult anybody.
“But it our responcibility to explain the facts to the public. it was unfortunate that the court had stalled all proceedings pertaining to the probe by the Cabinet-Sub Committee.

“Constituting a Cabinet Sub-Committee, deciding on its duration and powers is a legislative privilege given to the assembly by the constitution of India. How can the courts intervene and issue a stay? he asked. Barring media from reporting anything related to the case against the former AG and daughters of a sitting SC judge is unconstitutional. ACB had only registered an FIR and had not taken any further action. “Every day, thousands of FIRs are lodged and why should the former advocate general and the daughters of a Supreme Court judge be worried about FIR? Why has an FIR worried them so much?” he exclaimed. Any how the YSRCP has started attacking the judiciary in a proper way. The MPs are attacking in parliament and the ministers like Botsa have opening their lips on the attitude of high court.

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