Son is law of Ballayya kept aside ?

By Nehru.T Sep. 29, 2020, 01:01 pm IST
Son is law of Ballayya kept aside ?

Sri Bharat is intentionally ignored

It seems that Chandrababu Naidu, the chief of Telugu Desam is reluctant to elevate any other leader above his son Lokesh. Once again Naidu proved that he would not encourage anybody, who would become threat in future. Even the sons of NT Ramarao, also were strategically sidelined as he suspect that their presence in the party would create unrest and it may lead to some other conflict in TDP. So Harikrishna, Junior NTR were strategically being used and kept aside. But Balakrishna, who has not much capability to lead the party was given less priority and was made MLA from Hindupur of Ananthapur district.

Even Balakrishna became his colose relative as his daughter was married to Lokesh, the son of Chandrababu. Now another person from NTR family is tactfully sidelined by Chandrababu Naidu. Sri Bharat, the second son in law of Balakrishna, who also contested from Visakhapatnam Loksabha constituency in 2019 on behalf TDP was totally ignored by the party. Sribharat is the grand son of MVVS Murthy, the chairman of GITAM university at Visakhapatnam. Interestingly Sri Bharat is also busy with his business expansion and other works and he is not concentrating in politice. On the other side, it seems that the party high command, especially Chandrababu Naidu also not much interested in Sri Bharat and want to close his political career to confine him for business only. Recently the TDP has announced coordinators for loksabha constituencies and presidents for every Loksabha constituency but the name of Sribharat is not appeared in that list. As per the information that Sribharat also feels that he has been intentionally downgraded and ignored by Chandrababu Naidu. During elections also its suspected that Chandrababu Naidu planned to defeat him by diverting cadre and votes to Lakshmi Narayana, the former JD of CBI, who contested on behalf of Janaseha.

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