RTC busses to become Covid labs

By Nehru.T Jul. 09, 2020, 08:48 pm IST
RTC busses to become Covid labs

Andhra pradesh government is searching innovative ways and every opportunity to curb the spreading of Corona virus. As of now the state has administered around 11 lakh cocos tests , which is highest number in entire nation. Recently the chief minister YS Jagan mohan Reddy has inaugurated 1088 ambulances to provide quick medical assistance to the public.With this the public can avail 108 ambulance services in emergency time. This effort brought the chief minister national level recolonization.

Later now, the AP government is taking another unique step to conduct more number of Covid tests and to control the spreading of virus. In an innovative move, the AP government is going to convert 52 Volvo buses, which turned into unused condition as mobile medical labs. Each district would get 4 mobile medical labs and tour in the districts. They will visit every village along with medical kits and lab technicians and conduct Covid tests in the villages, wards itself. The persons , feeling with Covid symptoms need not worry about their health and need not go to the hospital. Each mobile medical lab can undertake 10 tests at a time. The technicians would collect the samples in the villages and conduct tests there itself. As of now 21 buses are converted into labs and rest of the buses will be converted in coming ten days. If the buses come into force, the entire medical testing scenario would be changed and number of tests will be abnormally increased.

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