Why Vamsi is chaning ship?

By Siva Racharla Nov. 02, 2019, 09:27 am IST
Why Vamsi is chaning ship?

One can expect a Tranquility after storm but after YSRCP created a gigantic storm with a thumping majority in General Assembly election TDP is now facing the aftermath .

The Rajya Sabha members Sujana Choudhary and CM Ramesh who have been the close associates of Chandrababu for the last decade. After the debacle of TDP in elections, have joined the BJP by leaving TDP. Of the 23 legislators known on behalf of the TDP, 13 were campaigning to leave the party under the leadership of Ghanta Srinivasa Rao. While the campaign was going on, Gannavaram legislator Vallabhaneni Vamshi bombed the TDP with the announcement of Resignation.

Chandra babu was reluctant to do discussions with his close associates but he himself made consultations with vamshi,before this babu  urged vamshi to take the responsibility of pacifying Vijayawada Mp kesineni Nani who rejected TDP parliament whip and was thinking to change the party,eventually vamshi endeded up by resigning TDP primary membership.


Vallabhaneni vamshi was one among the famous leaders in Andhra politics,there was a trio namely, Gannavaram Vamshi,Gudiwada Nani,Bejawada Radha these are also close camaraderie of Film star NTR jr who later was instrumental in fueling political mileage to Nani,In 2019 Ntr was campaigning for TDP, had asked Babu regarding Gannavaram assembly Ticket to vamshi but political equations brought vijayawada MP ticket to vamshi who lost that election,Nothing hindered vamshi to concentrate on Gannavaram Assembly constituency and was victorious in 2014 elections,vamshi didn't get any special treatment from TDP supremo Not even for the allotment of sufficient posts to vamshi's henchman  in Gollapudi  market Yard,There was wide range of speculations that very much like the trio(kodali nani joined Ysrcp after prollonged internal fight in Tdp,Vangaveeti Radha joined Ysrcp) vamshi would join hands with YSRCP,vamshi's hug to Jagan mohan Reddy in 2019 election campaign buttressed the edifice of speculation,yet those were mere speculations. Vamshi adhere to TDP but victory in 2019 was not a cake walk,he was won with a meagre 820 votes to Ysrcp candidate.

Vamsi's Introspection

There were  many allegations on Vamshi Distribution of fake land  is one such,vamshi condemned and told this is baseless,if anyone go across the stamina of Vamshi   this allegation will  not substantiate the reason,He has strong base in Rayalaseema factionalism and was henchman to Paritala Ravi more than that there were a speculation that he was involved in a killing of renewed Rayalaseema leader,this will suffice that vamshi wasn't frightened of fake land distribution case.

What could be the possible reasons for party shift of vamshi ,2019 general election was a tight slap for him,what it taught is Gannavaram will not entirely belongs to vamshi ,Ysrcp candidate Yarlagadda venkat Rao given a neck to neck fight in a nail biter,His choudary community was not unanimous at vamshi  in one occassion vamshi lost all his calm and made a threatening call to Yarlagadda,Another case; vamshi has some high rated land of 42 acres at shankarpalli in  hyderabad,the Government affidavit itself  value it as 78 crores and he  has also a worth of  150 crore land near by that,taking care of those property is top most priority after the bifurcation, inorder to do that he  wants to join hands with Ysrcp supremo Ys jagan mohan Reddy who is making coordial relationship with Telangana chief minister kcr..However as per Jagan's rule  it is mandatory to resign from all posts to join in Ysrcp including vamshi's legislature membership..Will vamshi get MLA ticket in by-election is a million dollar question??..

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