Madhav, likely to replace Kanna ?

By Nehru.T Feb. 19, 2020, 04:40 pm IST
Madhav, likely to replace Kanna ?

- AP BJP to get new chief
- High command felt that Kanna is working for TDP

Andhra Pradesh BJP unit likely to get the new chief in the place of Kanna Laxminarayana. The high command of BJP including Prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shaw are unhappy with the attitude and unfair practices of the present state president Kanna Laxmi Narayana and they are thinking of to change him and searching for another suitable person. It seems that their searching likely to be stopped at PVN Madhav, the graduate MLC of North Andhra.

The high command feels that though Kanna is from dominating caste in AP (Kapu) but he could not utilize the post effectively and could not handle the party and reach the public also. Apart from all these causes, the high command is said to be felt that Kanna is maintaining some secret relations with Telugu Desam and its sympathizers. Even today also he is maintaining relations with TDP leaders and supporting them in some aspects. He recently met Ramoji Rao, the media baron and said to be the Raja Guru of Telugu Desam and discussed on some issues, which were not disclosed so far. Even Kanna also opposed the three capitals issue which is undertaken by the YSRCP government.

Frequently Kanna speaks in support of Telugu Desam and defending the party and their leaders. He never hide his close relations with that party and never stepped back from defending those leaders. He never spoke in support of GVL Narasimha Rao, the member of Rajyasabha who was targeted by the Sujana Chowdary and others in TV debates and even in press conferences too. All these mistakes were counted by the high command and likely to make him to step down of the position. Now the PVN Madhav, a hard core worker of BJP and even his father PV Chalapathi Rao also a committed worker for the past 30 years to BJP. Chalapathi Rao is senior worker and had good relations with LK Advani and Muralimanohar Joshi and many more seniors. Now the loyalty of Chalapathi Rao’s son is considered and he is likely to be made Chief of BJP state wing of Andhra Pradesh.

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