Public panic over smoke from HPCL

By Nehru.T May. 22, 2020, 10:19 am IST
Public panic over  smoke from HPCL

The people of Visakhapatnam scared to see the thick smoke released from Hindustan petroleum corporation limited, a premier petroleum refinery on the evening of Thuraday. The locals recollected the gas leakage incident, which was occurred recently and panic over to see the smoke from this refinery.

Heavy fumes emitted into the air in the process of opening the CDU-3 at the HPCL refinery, according to reports. Residents of Sriharipuram and Malkapuram, Gajuwaka worried seeing brown fumes spread into the air around the factory premises. Anyhow, Just sometime later, the fumes were exhausted.

Later, the officials said that there is nothing to worry about the fumes and that it is not hazardous to health. They said that is a common practice that dense fumes will come out while cracking the fluid catalysts. But the locals recollected the huge mishap occurred in HPCL on August 23, 2013 i which 28 workers were killed.

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