Political opportunism

By iDream Post Apr. 03, 2020, 01:58 pm IST
Political opportunism

Naidu makes baseless comments

The former chief minister, who frequently claims that he has forty years of experience and could advise Wajapeyi government on various aspects is now searching opportunity for political gain during the crisis period. Naidu is habituated to project himself as a unmatchable administrator and could meet any emergency like situation. During Corona lock down period also he is searching for reasons and opportunities to corner the YSR Congress government. Interestingly he stated that the AP government is intentionally minimizing the number of Corona cases and misguiding the people. He demanded to conduct huge number of medical tests and he said that if the number of tests are increased, the number of positive cases would be more. But it seems that he might have forgotten that the union government and WHO have instructed the state government to conduct medical tests to the people who are suffering from the symptoms but not to the all the people of the state. It seems that Naidu is disappointed with the lesser causalities in Andhrapradesh.

Apart from this Chandrababu Naidu has demanded the Chief minister YS Jagan to distribute Rs.5000 per every family during this lockdown but it seems that he again might have forgotten that he had washed out entire treasury but Jagan has undertaken the distribution of ration at free of cost for every family in the state and assured that he would give Rs.1000 per each family in the state. The people are pointing out that Naidu, who worked as chief minister for 15 years has announced only Rs.10 Lakhs to the state , its very shamefull to him as the film actors like Ramcharan, Prabhas, Chiranjeevi and many more announced more than Rs.10 Lakhs. Even Nara Rohit, a small time actor also announced Rs.30 Lakhs hence Naidu should be ashamed of leaving the treasury with full of debts around Rs.2.5 Lakhs. Naidu has performed Amaravathi agitation along with his family to protect the interests of his henchmen and followers and collector huge money through Bhikshatana. But during this crisis season, he ignored his followers at Amaravathi and voters of Kuppam, who made him MLA and simply sitting at Hyderabad and slinging mud on the government by writing letters.

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