PM appeals public to light lamp at 9 pm on April 5

By iDream Post Apr. 03, 2020, 10:37 am IST
PM appeals public to   light lamp  at 9 pm on April 5

Applauded the nation for its solidarity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi applauded the nation the nation for expressing soLidarity during th Corona menace and maintaining social distance to turn the spreading of that virus. He addressed the nation via television channels and appeal the public to switch off all the lights in their home at 9 PM of 5 April and light a lamp, torch for 9 minutes to say that nation is ready to fight with that deadly virus.

“We have to awaken the energy of 130 crore Indians. At 9 pm at April 5, I want nine minutes from you. Switch off all your lights, stand at your door or balcony, light a candle, lamp, a torch or your phone's flashlight, and keep it on for nine minutes,” he said, adding that when all Indians do this exercise together, they will be able to feel the power of light and the resolve of the fight against coronavirus.

He also emphasised that no one should gather on the roads or in the streets, but must do it at home, stressing on the importance of social distancing.
Highlighting the first one-day 'Janata curfew' where he had asked people in the country to applaud essential workers, he said that many countries are now following it, and it gave people the feeling that they could fight this.

“People might wonder what they can do alone. People may also think how they will fight such a big thing alone. You might have these questions in your mind. But you are not alone. The strength of 130 crores of Indians is with each one of us. We are in lockdown, yes. We are at our homes, yes. But we are not alone,” PM Modi said. He stated that amid the darkness spread by the coronavirus pandemic, we have to go towards the light.

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