Pawan applauds Jagan

By Nehru.T Jul. 03, 2020, 08:50 pm IST
Pawan applauds Jagan

Chief of Janasena, Pawan Kalyan who had been always criticizes the chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy seems to be changed his attitude.

Pawan politically born and brought up with anti Jagan attitude and he never stepped back in criticizing Jagan Mohan Reddy. Even after assuming charge as Chief minister of AP also Pawan never hide his attitude and changed his opinion towards Jagan. But first time Pawan Kalyan has applauded the launching of more than 1000 ambulances at a time at Bezawada on Wednesday.

Entire nation including media and social media, news websites also appreciated the launching the 104,108 ambulances to enhance medical facilities in the state. Anyhow Pawan Kalyan also lauds the efforts made by the chief minister YS Jagan mohan Reddy. Pawan tweeted on this issue and appreciated Jagan. Better late than never, Pawan has recognized late by three months but finally admits that AP government is administering huge number of Corona tests and taking care of public .

Actually AP is in first position in terms of conducting medical tests for suspected Corona patients. It has conducted more than 6 lakh tests sofar. Anyway Pawan Kalyan has recognized this covid related medical assistance and congratulated the chief minister.

Political observers are feeling that Pawan learnt the efforts made by the AP government and came to know the facts and now responding on Twitter.

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