Factors deciding Pawan's political fortune

By Siva Racharla Nov. 13, 2019, 07:49 pm IST
Factors deciding Pawan's political fortune

Pawan kalyan, an actor turned politician and the supremo of Janasena party, is desperately trying for the expansion of his party and projecting himself as just not a politician but also as a leader working for the people's cause is always on the news with his words and actions. His changing stands, words such as factionist and actions replicating the same of chandrababu's voice is the major drawback of his stature and projection as a politician. Words stating the culture of Rayalaseema and factionist marks made by babu on kadapa district made even Eminent families like Paritala, JC, Bojjala, KE, Kotla etc went on a losing with side, with TDP just grabbing 3 out of 52 seats in rayalaseema. This result can not only be viewed in terms of political defeat but also from self respect point of view from rayalaseema area.

Pawan's style of working as and for Chandrababu ?

To everyone's notice,  pawan guaranteed that he will be the one to make TDP implemwnt the promises made by them and undoubtedly is key factor behind the TDP winning the 2014 elections. But since then to everyone's surprise taking the stand of ruling party is seen making Jagan, the leader of opposition the lone reason behind TDP not implementing its promises, the same has been qouted by Nagababu, the elder brother of pawan kalyan after Janasena getting a dissapointed results on loosing cause. From fans perspective, it looks like their supremo is yet to learn lessons from the defeat as his stand on TDP and chandrababu remains the same as that of before.

How problems created by Chandrababu be solved ?

By the time Jagan is on the top chair after getting the clear mandate from public in 2019 elections, has many unsolved and financial issues bwfore him and state being in deep financial crisis and to clear many pending bills and loans that was made during the  chandrababu's reign. As per political and financial strategists, it is the then government and their policies which holds the key part and reason behind this crisis. Termed as yellow media which always stands with TDP in all their stiff and rough times, pawan is seen blaming the ruling party and taking the same stand in various issues like shortage of seed and sand supply etc.

Why Pawan isn't seen as an alternative to Chandrababu ?

Pawan's shuffling stands and his voice against babu and lokesh suddenly during the election time made people clear on how the state has on backfoot due to their policies and high end corruption became an advantage to Jagan who already in fighting against the corruption and other issues in TDPs rule. Though his fight against TDP disnot take tge attention and belief of people, which eventually resulted in his party's defeat in 2019 elections. But due to high chances of pawan's reuniting with Babu at any moment, Pawan Kalyan is not seen as an alternative to Chandrababu.

Reasons for Media coverage towards pawan

Pawan statement on Jagan's caste has grabbed the attention of Ministers qouting him on thesame grounds as "Pawan Naidu" of no use is making sense that he is still in the folds of babu, as a political vendetta the yellow media will make sure that the anti government votes will be completely polarized towards TDP party than that of pawan's party.

What does Pawan achieve with this politics?

Topping the headlines and and words  believed against him like 'adopted son of Babu' will not help his party in their long run. 

To be an alternative and decisive factor in the politics, Pawan should re-allign the positives in these 5 years as a political party and his threories and views for the development should reach the root levels. His individuaility in his actions and strenghtening the party and its cadre will define the fortune of his party.

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