Paritala family under CID radar ??

By Nehru.T Feb. 20, 2020, 05:19 pm IST
Paritala family under CID radar ??

Binamis purchased 6 acres of land in Amaravathi

The Crime investigation department (CID) of Andhrapradesh is still seriously working on Amaravathi land scam and getting strong supported information on several bigwigs in this scandal. So far the AP CID has identified around 600 people, who have white ration cards bought the lands. After intensifying the probe, the leaders like Pattipati Pullarao, Devineni Uma and many more TDP leaders have purchased lands here either directly on the names of their family members or binamis. Now recently Paritala Sunitha, former minister during TDP regime also suspected to be the part of that land scandal.She purchased around six acres of land in Amaravathi region on the names of binamis.

Recently the CID has questioned the revenue staff of and came to know that three persons are suspected to be the binamis of Paritala Sunitha had purchased the land here. CID got the information that B Nirmala Devi, from Kanaganapalli mandal headquarters, who bought half an acre of land, and one Jayaram Chowdary, from Badalapuram of Kanaganapalli mandal of Ananthapuram district purchased half an acre of land in Tadikonda, Amaravati. Another person, running a school at Tirupathi also purchased land here. All the three are expected to be the shadows of Paritala Sunitha and intensifying the probe into this issue.

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