Now the danger bells for Atchenna-Former minister name surfaced in ESI scandal

By Nehru.T Feb. 22, 2020, 02:26 pm IST
Now the danger bells for Atchenna-Former minister name surfaced in ESI scandal

After Paritala Sunitha,. Devineni Uma, Pattipati Pullarao, Narayana, Sujana chowdary now another minister and strong supporter K.Atchennaidu is about to be booked in ESI scam.

The violence and enforcement department of Andhrapradesh has identified that involvement of. Atchenna involvement in purchasing of medicines and medical equipment for ESI dispensaries at high price. The vigilence pointed out the former labour minister Atchenna had recommended a firm from which the ESI should purchase those material. The Vigilance department found that Dr B Ravi Kumar, C K Ramesh Kumar and G Vijaya Kumar who worked as directors of Insurance Medical Services (IMS) had placed purchase orders for procurement of drugs, medical equipment, surgical items, lab kits and furniture worth Rs 975.79 crore by violating norms.

Without calling for tenders they have purchased the material at high price.

It said the directors had procured most of the drugs under non-rate contract instead of rate contract. Tele Health Services Pvt Ltd, was given the contract based on the recommendation letter from K Atchannaidu. The Director also involved into MoU with the same company to provide ECG services to the Patients @ Rs.480/- per ECG. Where as the ECG is available at Rs.200 at other hospitals. All these irregularities are identified by vigilance and submitted the report to the government. Let's wait and see what is going to be happened.

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