Nobel laureate appreciates Amma Vodi scheme

By Nehru.T Jan. 28, 2020, 08:19 pm IST
Nobel laureate appreciates Amma Vodi scheme

Amma Odi scheme implemented by AP government has drawn the attention of Nobel laureate John B. Goodenough and he applauded the scheme and stated that it would change the face of the society.

Goodenough has stressed the importance of learning from the day of birth until death. The overseas Education Department has taken the AP government's 'Amma Odi' scheme to the notice of this 98-year-old World-Class Inventor. The Noble award-winning scientist is famous for inventing the cathode, which is used in current generation smartphone lithium-ion batteries.

The Nobel laureate lauded the idea of a financially beneficial scheme for educating children in a country like India. This Nobel laureate who is familiar of the Indian conditions opined that many children in the country want to be educated, but due to the lack of financial assistance and the infrastructuyre, the children are compelled to drop out from studies. However, he said that with the government's bringing such schemes like Amma Vodi would help the literacy rate in India.

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