No to panic, yes to precaution, says AP CM

By iDream Post Mar. 20, 2020, 08:10 pm IST
No to panic, yes to precaution, says AP CM

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy held a video conference with all the district authorities and health department officials over the COVID-19 pandemic and instructed them to be on high alert spread the narrative ‘no to panic, yes to precaution’ and take all measures making best use of Village Secretariat system.

Only three positive cases have been registered in the State who are all foreign returnees from Italy, UK Scotland, Saudi Arabia (Mecca), he said during a teleconference with District Collectors and asked them to closely monitor the situation and spread the message of social distancing in an effective manner.

He also said that there is no need for panic buying as the shops will remain open. .

“Public needn’t panic or get carried away with false news and hoard provisions on a large scale. The shops are not going to be closed, and there will not be any disturbance in day to day life or in the availability of essential commodities. Through village volunteers, Asha workers and ANMs conducting door to door surveys are being conducted to identify people who have returned from foreign countries and people who have contacted to check their condition. All the hospitals have been equipped with all the required medicines. Strict action will be taken against those inflating prices of the commodities taking the name of coronavirus.” said the Chief Minister.

The State government has taken all the required measures and placed a strict vigil over the foreign returnees. All those who came from foreign countries were asked to stay isolated in their respective homes. We are also ready to take action against those who flout the rules and create panic among the public.

As a precautionary measure, the State government closed all educational institutions and mass gathering places till March 31. He further stated that over 80% of the patients across the world were back to normal by just by staying at home. In China 81,000 people were treated at home and only 13.8% got hospitalized of which only 4.7 % were in ICU.

As per the Union Government directions, 21 medicines prescribed by WHO and ICMR including paracetamol and antibiotics were kept in abundant stock. Collectors are to inspect the district and teaching hospitals over their facilities on a regular basis and should also check on the availability of medicines, protective coats, etc.

So far, around 12,500 such people have been identified from the 1.34 crore households and put them on house isolation. The deployed staff is responsible to inspect and make sure the returnees are in self-isolation at their residences. As on date, a total of 966 passengers were identified for observation, out of which 677 are currently undergoing isolation and 258 have completed 28 days of isolation. In addition to these 31 more are under hospital observation.

The measures taken for controlling coronavirus in the state includes a 24×7 control room (0866-2410978) and 104 helpline (Toll free number) for providing health advice on Covid-19.

• Do’s and Don'ts

• All foreign returnees are advised home isolation for 14 days and stay away from family members too.

• The foreign returnees are advised to contact a doctor through 104 helpline for medical advice prior to visiting a hospital if symptoms like severe cough, high grade temperature and shortness of breath are there.

• General public are advised not to come in contact with any of the close relatives returning from foreign countries.

• Not to spit in public places and cover your nose with a handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.

• Do not touch mouth, nose or eyes with hands and wash hands with soap frequently.

• Contact a helpline for medical advice prior to visiting a hospital.

• Maintain three-feet distance from person to person

• Wash hands once in every hour and not touch hard surfaces like tables, poles, walls especially those in public places.

• There is no need to wear masks by the general public and if wearing proper disposal is a must.

• There is no threat to the children from the virus but children can also be carriers and need to stay indoors or in safe places.

• Reduce visits to malls, movies, crowded places as a preventive measure.

• Paracetamol 650 mg has to be taken if anyone suffers from fever.

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