No one is above law, Botsa

By Gopal.T Feb. 22, 2020, 06:06 pm IST
No one is above law, Botsa

Brushing aside the allegations that the Government is vindictive, targeting BCs and has been pooling land by force, Municipal and Urban Development Minister Botsa Satyanarayana said, no one is above law and all irregularities during the past five year TDP term will be brought to public view.

Speaking to media here on Saturday, the Minister gave a blow by blow reply to the allegations and statements of TDP leaders setting the record straight and said it was TDP leaders who have challenged that there were no irregularities during their term and had dared the government to order for an inquiry ‘which is what we have precisely done.’

The formation of SIT has been sending chill down the spine of TDP leaders, which shows their guilt, he said, and it was the outcome after the cabinet sub-committee went into the details of irregularities in CRDA, land pooling, insider trading, breach of oath by the executive head of the government of that time, designing and redesigning of city boundaries, promising to paying the architects exorbitant amount as fees and the like.

TDP has been crying foul with higher decibels that the government is vindictive and has been targeting BCs. ‘This is totally wrong and all are equal before law.’
When TDP was in the Opposition and I was a minister in the Dr YS Rajesekhara Reddy government, the Volkswagen issue came up and they demanded a CBI probe and named me in it. We agreed for the probe and law had taken its own course. ‘Even I am a BC like Atcham Naidu and TDP did not spare me and even now has been spewing venom against me and others of our Party. Law does not recognise caste or social status but will treat everyone in the same measure.’

When we persistently spoke about the irregularities in the relief and rehabilitation work in wake of the Hudhud Cyclone, the then TDP government ordered a SIT asking it to probe the irregularities from 2004 onwards. Now the same TDP is contending that how can there be a probe of what has happened five years back.

There is absolutely no truth in the allegation that we are forcibly acquiring land. Land is available in the district. The shortfall will be filled by acquiring land as per the norms and we are paying two to three times more than the book value, he clarified.

Arrangements are in full swing for the launch of Jaganannan Vasathi Devana on Monday, he said.

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