No Nexus with YSRCP - Sunil Deodhar Clarifies

By Nehru.T Feb. 16, 2020, 10:47 am IST
No Nexus with YSRCP - Sunil Deodhar Clarifies

The BJP has given clarity over the political roomers spreading over the nexus with YSRCP.

The baseless roomers are appearing in Telugu media that YSRCP would be the part of union cabinet and MPs V.Vijay Saireddy and one or two would be inducted into Midi's cabinet. But the national secretary and incharge of AP BJP, Sunil Deodhar asserted that they won't have any such political relations, alliances with YSRCP in Andhrapradesh. On the other side Pawan Kalyan ,chief of Janasena who is reportedly committed to have nexus with BJP stated that he would step out from BJP if it goes with YSRCP.

Any how Deodhar stated "We and Jana Sena will fight local body elections together," When asked whether YSRCP would join NDA, he said: “It is the NDA chairman to take a call on admitting any party into NDA, but he will not welcome YSRCP since BJP and Jana Sena Party decided to fight jointly against it.”

His comments came in the wake of Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister Botcha Satyanarayana stating that YSRCP would not mind joining NDA in the interests of the State.

He said it was a routine for the Chief Minister of any State to meet the Prime Minister or the Home Minister and it did not mean that some alliance was in the works. If a Minister thought like that (about alliance) it was his problem, he said adding BJP was very clear that both TDP and YSRCP were very dangerous to Andhra Pradesh.

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