No caste, religion in AP students register

By Nehru.T Oct. 15, 2020, 06:18 pm IST
No caste, religion in AP students register

AP Government issues orders

The government of Andhrapradesh has taken another unique decision in education system. By under taking Nadu-Nedu program the government has changed the face of the government schools and now it directed school education officials to take some more changes in school education. Management of all schools told toont to mention caste of the students against their names in register.

Managements also told to stop the practice of writing girls’ names in red ink In a move to promote gender equality in school campuses, the educational institutions have been asked not to mention caste and religion of students in the attendance registers.

Director, School Education, Vadrevu Chinaveerabhadrudu, has issued a circular asking the schools to remove the students’ caste and religion mentioned in the attendance register.

He has also pointed out that the names of girls are being written in red ink, which, he says, should stop hereafter. Many schools use blue ink to write boys’ names and red ink to write girls’ names. These are the revolutionary decisions to maintain gender gender equality and caste equality.

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