Nimmagadda is more political than official

By Gopal.T Jan. 08, 2021, 09:46 pm IST
Nimmagadda is more political than official

Any officer is expected to go by the rule book and speak or write what is officially said than what is overheard or unofficial. When it comes to the persons heading constitutional institutions like the State Election Commission, what is said or written by the state government is important and should be considered than what is said by politicians. But, unfortunately, SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, is more political and is going by what the ruling party leaders say than what the chief secretary or any senior officer of the government say.

Ramesh Kumar, who is going more politically and motivated in dealing with the government, had once again speciafically quoted a statement of ruling YSR Congress MP, V Vijayasai Reddy, who said that local body elections would be held only after the Tirupati MP by-elections. Being in the constitutional post, Ramesh Kumar is expected to ignore the statements of politicians. Though the Panchayat Raj principal secretary Gopala Krishna Dwivedi in his letter to the SEC had said that the state administration is fully occupied with the Covid 19 activities as advised by the Central government, the SEC preferred to note the statement of a politician than the written communication by a senior bureaucrat.
Ramesh Kumar, as it appears by the way he wrote to chief secretary Adityanath Das, is firm on holding the elections despite the state government’s decision. It was Ramesh Kumar who had postponed the elections in March in the name of Covid 19 and it is the same official who wants to resume the elections despite the Covid 19 continue to worry the world.

On Friday, chief secretary Adityanath Das, senior officials Ashok Kumar Singhal and Gopala Krishna Dwivedi met Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar in his office and explained to him the difficulties of the administration in holding the elections at this point of time, when the administration is engaged in handling covid and vaccine. Though the CS and the senior officials said the situation was not suitable to hold the elections, Ramesh Kumar appeared firm on holding the elections. It is to be seen where he ends up in the fight against the government. Whether he holds the elections as he desires or not as the state government wishes, Ramesh Kumar would be remembered as the most controversial SEC who fought a political and legal battle with the government during his tenure.

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