Nimmagadda acted before Naidu reacted

By Gopal.T Apr. 09, 2020, 09:00 am IST
Nimmagadda acted before Naidu reacted

TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu had written a letter to State Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar demanding that action be taken against the ruling YSR Congress leaders for distributing Rs 1000 to the poor during corona lockdown.

Naidu said that the act of the ruling party leaders in distributing financial support to the people on behalf of the government was a clear violation of the election code and sought action.

The TDP chief who is known for blatant violations of all set rules and misuse of the institutions during his tenure is not surprised to make such allegations or find such acts by others as violation. He is understood and his comments are excused as he is a politician and the Indian politicians always try to take advantage of the government actions or inactions.

But what surprises is the reaction and remarks of SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, who wrote letters to the state officials on violation of code. The fact is that the model code of conduct is not in force and thus his role in the state affairs is unwarranted. However, he reacted even before politician Naidu reacted.

Nimmagadda is accused of being biased to the TDP while conducting the local body elections in the state as he reacted only to the complaints of the TDP and never consulted the officials or sought clarifications from the ruling party. His decision to postpone the local body elections too was taken at the behest of the TDP as he did not consult the government officials.
Thus, Nimmagadda is ahead of Naidu in reacting to the issues of AP and pointing an accusing finger at the ruling party, so as to benefit the opposition TDP.

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