New BJP team, a bitter pill for TDP

By Nehru.T Sep. 14, 2020, 12:25 pm IST
New  BJP team, a bitter pill for TDP

CBN supporters found no place in state committee

It appears that first time in the history of that party, the BJP has formed a new state team comprising of completely party loyalists but not with the secret supporters of Chandrababu. Generally Chandrababu Naidu, the chief of Telugu Desam has been playing key role while formation of the state committees of Bharateeya Janata party(BJP) by inducting his sympathizers, henchmen and getting insider information and party views and policies through them. But now, the team formed by the state president Somu Veerraju this time, has definitely might have disappointed Naidu and how supporters.

Even the state committee also was confined to 40 instead of 70 previously. The official spokes person number also was reduced to seven from 21. Somu, seems to be very much cautious during the formation this committee by shutting doors to the henchmen, sympathizers of Chandrababu. Sadhineni Yamini, Lanka Dinakar, Varadpuram Soori, who can be said as hidden supporters of Chandrababu , wear BJP mask with TDP stand and even support Naidu during television discussions could not find place in Somu’s team. Veerraju has given priority for the loyalists and hardcore supporters of BJP only but not the part time leaders. Vishnuvarthan Reddy, PVVN Madhav, and Vishnukumar Raju are placed as general secretaries. Similarly the followers of Purandheswari and Kanna Lakshminarayana are completely disappeared from this list. Even the recommendations made by CM Ramesh and Sujana Chowdary also were completely ignored by the Somu Veerraju. Finally he sent a message that only the leaders with BJP ideology are accommodated and leaders with hidden agendas and maintaining secret relation with Chandrababu Naidu are completely wiped out from the list.

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