Never before....ever after...

By Nehru.T May. 08, 2020, 07:38 pm IST
Never before....ever after...

Govt releases Rs.30 crores to gas victims with in a day

Its unbelievable but fact. The government of Andhrapradesh has released the compensation amount of Rs.30 crores to disburse the victims of gas leak incident occurred in Vizag. The government has released a GO no : 449 in this regard. Generally the governments give some statements and announce some compensation soon after occurring such disaster but as of now no government has released the money with in a day. Even the officers also say it may take time as some administrative process to be completed to release the money. But YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief minister visited with hours of the happening of that heart burning incident and met the victims and console them. Later conducted a review with public leaders and bureaucrats and announced that every deceased family would be paid Rs.1 crore as compensation and Rs.10 Lakhs to every victim , who is under gone treatment with ventilator. People who undergone primery treatment and first aid would be paid Rs.25,000 and every individual , in the affected villages would be paid Rs.10,000. But nobody expeted that the money would be sanctioned in such a speedy way. But with in a day the government has released the funds and directed the concerned officials to disburse the amount to the families of the victims.

The people of this area including political leaders amazed to see this rapidly response from the government and they say that cant be explain in words. So far they didn’t witness such a express like response from the governments in disaster like incident happened.

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