Naidu worrying of liquor brands ..??

By Nehru.T Feb. 20, 2020, 12:54 pm IST
Naidu worrying of liquor brands ..??

Women laughing at Naidu’s speeches

The former chief minister N.Chandrababu naidu has started Praja Chaitanya Yatra and trying to move into people and question the government on several issues. He is seriously trying to attain public support by commenting on some issues in these Bus yatra and to re-activate the party cadre. But his speeches are getting boomerang and especially the women laughing at him. The AP government has restricted the liquor shops to open the counters after 8 PM. It has made a mandatory to close the shops at sharp 8PM and even the price of some brands is also hiked. But instead of questioning on some other civic issues, Naidu has raised the liquor topic in the Bus Yatra and spoke as if he is the president of boozers association. He asked ‘ Tammulloo..are you getting all brands..are you facing any trouble…This government has intentionally creating troubles to the drunkards. Is it a wrong to have peg of liquor after the working hours daily..’ these are some of the words came from the mouth of Naidu.

But the women are laughing at Naidu for encouraging their husbands to drink liquor and spoiling the future of their children and pushing the families in financial crisis. ‘Instead of instructing the public to keep away from bad habits, Naidu is instigating the men to consume liquor.’the women alleging. RK Roja, the MLA of Nagari alleged that Chandrababu naidu is speaking like the president of drunkard association and encouraging the men to go for liquor shops. Naidu is playing a game to divert the concentration of public fro IT raids and speaking on liquor shops.’ Roja alleged. Another MLA Ambati Rambabu also fired over Naidu and stated that Chandrababu is worrying about liquor price and scarcity of liquor brands. Does he has any shy. Our police is to mane the society as liquor free but shameless leaders like Chandrababu are provocation the public towards liquor.’ Ambati alleged.

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