Naidu, trying to appease Modi

By iDream Post Apr. 06, 2020, 07:30 pm IST
Naidu, trying to appease Modi

N.Chandrababu Naidu, who has been claiming many times that he is more senior than many leaders in India including the prime minister Narendra Modi and others is seriously trying to appease Modi after utterly failed in the recent general elections. After stepping out of NDA government during 2018,  Chandrababu Naidu started slinging mud on Narendra Modi and on BJP government. Even he toured all over India during the 2019 general elections and tried to create a new political group against BJP. He met Sonia Gandhi, Mulayam, Farooq Abdulla, Mamatha Benerjee and many more.

But unfortunate of Chandrababu again BJP won and Modi became prime minister for second time. Right from assuming charge of the prime minister, Naidu has been trying to appease him in several ways. Even he sent his four Rajyasabha members into BJP to woo the BJP and waiting for an appointment with the prime minister. Modi has spoke to many leaders all over India yesterday including Mamata Benerjee, Mulayam Sing, Prakash Singh Bada, KCR, Jagan and many more but he didn’t call Chandrababu naidu who claims himself as senior to Modi.

Ofcourse, Naidu might have been felt ashamed of it but still I didn’t give up his trials to beseech the prime minister. On Sunday night at 9 PM all the Indians have lighted the lamps as per the appeal of Narendra Modi and expressed their solidarity towards the nation in fighting with Corona virus. All the leaders including Chief ministers and cabinet ministers and bureaucrats but most of them didn’t claimed that they are following the appeal of Modi.

But only Chandrababu Naidu has posted in his face book that he has lighted the candle as per the call given by the prime minister. He expressed that he is following Modis, call. This act shows that Naidu is still seriously trying to appease Modi and wants to be in the good books of Prime minister.

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