Is there a conspiracy behind MRO killing?

By Siva Racharla Nov. 06, 2019, 12:21 pm IST
Is there a conspiracy behind MRO killing?

A man doused the Abdullapurmet MRO with fuel and burnt alive Regarding pattadar passbook issue case. 

Crimes like murders are strictly condemnable but the reason behind making such serious decision should be deeply examined.This is some argument and one has to admit the fact that government officials have powers along with limits and cannot make decision beyond them.However a deep discussion regarding these issues is need of the hour. 

One could not identify where is abdullahpurmet village but everyone Is well aware of Ramoji Film City.The Ramoji film city is comes under the revenue limits of abdullapurmet Mandal. Real estate boom has been ten folded especially after the establishment of Ramoji Film City and Theme park in abdullapurmet Mandal.After Millennium most of the Realtors have acquired lands from farmers that paved the way for real boom in abdullapurmet Mandal,Subsequently land dispute cases have also been registered highly in the Mandal. 

Let's get into the details of Land acts. 

In the princely state of Hyderabad,A survey has been conducted in 1936, to know the actual details of how much land was acquired by Zamindars and farmers,this conducted survey is considered to be the basic standard to know the land details.As per the land Acts,A survey has to be conducted for every 30 years.In order to avoid this, government has brought Kasra act,According to the act in 1955/1956 Landmark was made for the owners of the land under 3 years of cultivation and recorded like adangal pahani in the state of United Andhra Pradesh. 

Under Record of right(ROR) 1971 act, The Government prepared a list of land records,Namely 1A (village records),1B (pattadar records) and 1C (government land) details.Most of the details of 1B Pattadar Records are hotchpotch that created so much controversy.1B was used for Dispute resolution and records modernization.There is no problem if the pattadar and cultivator columns have the same name in 1B but there is much controversy regarding columns with different names, to address these issues the Telangana government issued a comprehensive land survey in 2016 and issued new pass books.

What is Suresh Kumar's Land dispute..

In 1988, 36 farmers brought 137 acres of land from Raja Anand Rao in bacharam village of abdullahpurmet zone. Suresh's grandfather was one of these 36 farmers. Raja Anand Rao has no details on how the land came to be but the abdullapurmet is the village of Jagirdar where the Inam lands are. Raja Anand Rao may have taken land from another ruler of Nizam or Hyderabad province and leased it to the local farmers. Many Marathas and Gujaratis took these lands during the Nizam's tenancy and leased them to farmers.

 Did 36 farmers really buy from Raja Anandarao? Or did he return to Maharashtra without selling any of these lands to his heirs? These are the only questions that have no answers. But in the past, the government has given Pattadar pass books to "sada binayamas" which are less than 5 acres, on white paper. Sales like this are rare. That is, the change in the pattadar name was  not registered in records. Pahani's main record in relation to land.

The Suresh Kumar family did not cultivate their land. After 2000, Suresh Kumar made a bid for land rights in the area, particularly with the Ring Road proposal during YSR era. In 2004, Habib and Shafiq from the village of Bacharam complained to the revenue authorities that the land was owned by them. In 2012, the RDO conducted an investigation and reported in favor of Habib and Shafiq. Suresh challenges the Joint Collector (Land Disputes Court) in 2013.J.C inquired and filed a report against Suresh. Then, starting with the 2016 comprehensive land survey, Suresh went to the Revenue authorities to collect old records and pass books in his name. While the revenue officials were looking into the records and handing over the passbooks to Suresh, Habib went to court saying it is his land and stopped the iprocess of issuing passbook to suresh..

Suresh took the advances at a politician who sold his land and said that the revenue authorities had given him a favorable report.The MRO said that Habib went to the High Court and could not give passbooks until it was solved.

What made Suresh to kill MRO?

Do you think anyone who dares to kill an MRO for a three crore property that is supposed to have two acres of land at one and half crore per acre?

It is unlikely that the suicide drama has blossomed. Suresh went inside the chamber with the intent of assassinating the MRO and killing him. He would change his mind when setting off fire after dousing petrol, if not intentional murder. It is absurd that Suresh even attempted suicide.Suresh may have caught fire in an attempt to prevent the MRO from coming out. The door was closed and he was unable to get out. After the driver removed the door, Suresh ran to the police station, put on a flared shirt, and surrendered

Suresh is playing a role in the murder, but the backstage characters should be investigated. Does any big businessman or politician provoked Suresh to do assassination?,the government has to focus on land disputes in the area on a war footing? There must be a very deep investigation.

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