Modi initiated Ram temple Bhoomi puja

By Nehru.T Aug. 05, 2020, 06:03 pm IST
Modi initiated Ram temple Bhoomi puja

Dreams of Hindus became realized

Prime minister Narendra Modi has initiated

The dreams of croes of Hindus of India have realized on Wednesday with the initiation of Prime minister Narendrea Modi by laying foundation stone for Sri Rama Mandir in Uttar Pradesh. After the completetion of ground breaking ceremony , the prime minister Modi addressed the gathering He stated that the grand temple will be built for “Ram Lalla”, the infant Ram, who had been living in a temporary tent for years. Sending out the message that "Ram is everywhere, Ram belongs to all", Modi said the temple reflects India's rich heritage and will be an inspiration for all of humanity. Despite efforts to eradicate Lord Ram's existence, he lives in our hearts and is the basis of our culture. Social harmony was the core principle of Lord Ram's mode of administration. Citing Lord Ram's message, Modi said the more powerful India gets, the more it will be loved and remain peaceful The construction of the Ram temple is an instrument to unite the country, he said, adding that it will lift the economy of the entire region. "We have to join stones for construction of Ram temple with mutual love, brotherhood," he said, asserting that everyone's sentiments have to be taken care of.

The prime minister unveiled a plaque and released a commemorative postal stamp. He arrived in Ayodhya in a helicopter where Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath among others received him. Before the public meeting, Modi took part in prayers at the Hanumangarhi temple. From there, he travelled to the 'Shree Ram Janmabhoomi' where he performed prayers at the 'Bhagwan Shree RamlalaVirajman'. He also planted a parijatam sapling. Chief if RSS, Mohan Bhagawat, chief minister of UP Yogi Adithyanath and others have participated in the program.

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